what this submissive sex slave wife needs

i feel it’s important to be honest about what why i do what i do. my posts can sometimes make my Master, my husband, look like a bit of an asshole. so i want to explain so you don’t get the wrong idea about him. this is what i get from him, and this is what i need to feel sexually satisfied in our marriage.

  1. rough sex. searing, painful, choking, slapping, bleeding, rough sex. vanilla sex has literally put me to sleep during our marriage, but just getting into the “present” position is enough to make my cunt drip.
  2. anal sex. i am tiny. he is huge. his cock is huger. it is far too big for my ass. which is why i crave being pinioned by it. it gives me pleasure only because i’m being abused, used and taken, not because of the physical sensations. he’s never caused anything worse than some anal tears, some soreness for the next few days. he knows to take care of my body.
  3. absolute and total ownership. i need to relinquish all control over my body, my ass mouth and cunt, my tits, my spread thighs, my lips, my tongue, otherwise i double-guess everything and my libido shuts down. the only way to get turned on is to be firmly under his control.
  4. love and appreciation. i need to know that he approves of my behaviour, that he is happy with how i’m obeying, that he is proud of how willing i am to perform degrading sex acts for him. i need to be his pet.

make sense?

3 thoughts on “what this submissive sex slave wife needs”

  1. Makes perfect sense to me. I just stumbled upon your blog and what a thrill that had been. Thank you for your time and honesty into something so profoundly intimate.

  2. This. I completely understand. I love it. I love your blog. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Your husband sounds pretty incredible to take such great care of you. So glad I found this.

  3. want to be submissive said:

    How did you explain this need to your husband? I want to give my self totally to mine, like you have. I completely get it.

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