The ass training I want


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Thorough, insistent ass fucking every night as part of my bedtime routine. The plug in my ass for another hour, at least. Absolutely no chance to refuse.

But if I ask him for this, will it be topping from the bottom?

Your thoughts please – Masters in particular! Would this request be too demanding and too specific? How can I help him see what I want and need????

How best to fuck me

Good god, does it really need to be said?

Demand obedience, cause pain, take advantage, push further, stifle dissent, ignore refusal, grab my hair, choke my neck, spread my legs, take my holes.

And when it’s over?

Hold me, caress me, soothe me, love me, hug me, envelop me, embrace me, hold me close, spread my legs, and do it all over again.

When I’m begging for more?

Make it rougher, push me further, choke me longer, fuck me deeper, make me bleed, make me cry, slap my face, smack my ass, cut off my breath, rape my ass, push past my tears, hold me down, cum on my face.

In the shower?

A gentle finger fuck, your balls in my mouth, your foot on my neck, my face pressed to the ground, knowing my place.

In bed for sleep?

Your collar on my throat, your plugs in my ass and cunt, your chastity belt controlling my holes, your cock in my mouth, your whispers in my ear.

If you do all of this in one night … you’ll absolutely break me, but I won’t stop you.

As we get back into it …



Here’s what I’m looking forward to.

(Of course you realise “looking forward to” means “I want it to happen to me because it’s so degrading and horrible and actually when it happens I’ll hate it but I want it to happen because I know I’ll be so wet and how twisted am I that’s just so disgusting but I want it to happen to me and I hope it happens when I don’t want it so I have to submit and I want to submit no matter what”)

  1. Being fucked in the ass
  2. Wearing my collar to bed
  3. Being bent over the bed at short notice for fucking
  4. Saying “no not right now” and have him say “yes right now” and fuck me before I realise I do want it
  5. Being chained to the floor by his bed awaiting his cock
  6. Being locked in the cage with all holes plugged
  7. Being face-fucked with my head hanging off the edge of the bed

Oh wait #7 happened last night. A new #7 will have to be … ?



Ahhhhh I FINALLY remembered my Tumblr login. over here:

I cross-post my blog updates there, and also will start again re-posting images I find arousing.

Four main categories:

Girls being controlled and fucked by men in suits.

Girls being controlled and fucked by many men.

Girls being fucked roughly in the ass.

Girls looking helpless and in pain.

What can I say, I’m a simple girl with simple needs 🙂

Is there anything more erotic…


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…than being cleaned off in the shower after intense rough fucking …

… his fingers stroking between my cunt lips. My hands up on the shower wall. His hands caressing my breasts. His fingers pushing my cunt lips apart. His knee between my legs, pushing my cunt further open. His finger deep in my ass, pinioning me in place. His breath hot on my neck. His cock in my cunt.

And what’s particularly filthy but I just can’t help it is – I feel his cock scraping into my raw, sore cunt, and the pain feels so good, and he knows it, and he knows to go rougher, and by the time we’re back on the bed, he just says “get into position” and I know for the fourth time that night my cunt is going to be used for his pleasure.

I’m exhausted, I’m scarcely cleaned up, I know I’m about to be ripped apart by his cock, and when he says “safe word?” I just say “whatever you want, Master.”

I sense his delight as he speeds up, goes deeper, and fucks me while I cry. And when he cums, I swear the joy spears deep inside me, pulling the pain into my heart and bringing me relief and satisfaction that I have fulfilled my role of being hurt to provide pleasure.

The classic


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We’re cuddling, it’s 11pm, I’m tired, the lights and TV are off, and I start to drift off, only to be told “I’m going to fuck you tonight, y’know.”

My breathing changes immediately. I can feel my cunt get wet.

“Hand on my cock, now.”

I stroke him until he’s hard. It only takes about 10 seconds.

He runs his hand over my head, grabs my hair, wrenches my neck back, and then pushes my torso down the bed. He lines up his cock with my cunt, and rams in, letting go of my hair to grab my hips and wrench me back towards him and force his cock right in.

My slippery cunt takes it so easily. “Mm-hmm” he grunts in appreciation. He knows I need to be taken, no consent requested, if I’m to truly enjoy the sex.

I need to be fucked.

And he fucks me. With absolutely no care for me other than positioning me where he wants me. Face down, his hand pushing my head into the pillow, other hand pushing my back, I’m on my knees so my cunt lines up and he is controlling my body absolutely.

He rams his cock into me like he wants to hurt me. “Try to get away, slut.”

I try. I can scarcely move an inch. Suddenly I NEED to get away. I push, I pull, I strain, and through it all he speeds up, bends over me and rams hard into me, forces me flat on the bed, “you can’t get away, but your wet cunt tells me you don’t want to. You need to be taken like this. You know I own you.”

I can tell he’s going to cum soon. I collapse under him, acknowledging my role as fucktoy for my husband. I wait to feel him explode inside me.

He doesn’t. He pulls out. “Clean me off, slut.” I bring him into my mouth. “Back of the throat, now.” I take it deeper. He pumps into my mouth, into my throat. Pushes his fingers into my cunt. Feels I’m even wetter. He knows what I need – slams my head down onto his cock until I can’t breathe, forces more fingers into my cunt, then pulls them out and starts stretching open my ass.

Pulls his cock out of my mouth. Gets me on my stomach again.

You can guess what happens next.

Begging for it


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Begging for pain. My cunt has been really sore,  so we’ve taken a small break, but are both dying to get back into it. So tonight I suggest we play with the butt plug and chastity belt. That’s where we start, at least. 
Then he unbuckles me, flips me onto my stomach, hoists my ass up, and starts guiding his cock in. It takes time, but slowly we get there. Then he can sense I’m in pain, so he pulls out, tells me it’s ok, we are stopping now. Snuggles and spoons me. Then wraps his arm tight around my throat. Pushes his cock back in. And just rests there. I am in pain. And he knows it. Relax, he says. Relax. I am resentful, but force myself to relax because, my logic goes, this will show him I am obedient and he will do nice things to me. I relax. My cunt stops hurting. He says, he will fall asleep in this position.
I hesitate but finally blurt out, can you please fuck me a bit more, Master. He is no fool. You want to feel used, don’t you, he asks as he wrenches my head back with a grip in my hair and begins fucking me fast and deep. Yes, I squeal, yes please use me Master.
He fucks me crazy hard, my cunt is sopping wet and I am pushing back into him, and he fucks me like a whore, and oh my god my cunt feels better now that I’ve been treated like a fuckslut so it just goes to show that when I’m obedient, and used, and owned, and taken to the point of pain, that’s when i am the best
possible cunt I could be.

Getting back into it


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Two weeks ago we were in bed, finally getting back to the headspace.

He started by putting the hood on me. At which point my cunt starts getting wet, guaranteed. He checked – stroked between my pussy lips, and approvingly remarked, “just a slut, still, I see.” He then put the bondage opera gloves on me, and the posture collar, he put the penis gag in my mouth, the spreader bar on my ankles, and pinioned my arms above my head. Take a moment to let that image sink in. Me, hooded and gagged, unable to see or speak, arms encased in leather, strapped above my head, and legs spread obscenely wide, cunt entirely exposed.

Soon to be more exposed, as he eased into my cunt the speculum, and began to open me up. I love this moment because it’s so hard to have a good physical experience – it opens me up, I get tense, it hurts, he opens me more, it hurts more, I try to relax, I can’t, he opens me more, I panic, I tense, it hurts, he opens me more, I get frantic from discomfort and exposure, and then he usually opens me up just a bit more. I’m by now panting around the penis gag, willing my cunt muscles to relax just a bit, and often failing miserably at this.

He enjoys my discomfort, pops out the gag, and pushes his cock down my throat, fucking my face for a few moments while twisting my nipples so hard I feel they’re about to rip off. I am still desperately trying to relax my cunt, trying to stay in a good position, trying to swallow his cock, trying to be a good girl.

He pulls out of my mouth, puts the gag back in, and goes to inspect my cunt. Many humiliating comments are made, pointing out just how wet I am, how red my lips are as I’m clearly so turned on, how I must love being treated like a whore because my cunt wants to be fucked so hard. He plays inside my cunt, tickling me with a finger, pinching at my clitoris. I’m breathing hard and feeling like a total slut, on display and loving it.

He finally relents and takes the speculum out; needless to say this is driven not by some chivalrous impulse, but rather a desire to rape the fuck out of me as he unbuckles my ankles, positions himself between my legs, raises me up slightly for the best position for him, and then fucks me horribly well, going as deep as he can every time, going extra fast and extra hard til he is panting as well. I’m still in the hood, the gag, and my arms are still pinioned overhead. I couldn’t get out of my head how I must look to him, and I felt so humiliated, knowing that just an hour earlier we had been having simply innocent cuddling in bed, and yet THIS, being used like a hole for his cock’s entertainment, was more effective at arousing my libido; that I needed to be debased and hurt to get turned on. That he knew it – and was taking advantage of it. He slapped my breasts, over and over; pushed into me deep – and then further – and further still til I was screaming around the gag – and then he fucked me deep to that point over and over again, telling me take it, that I deserved it. And I just got wetter.

How could I not. I am just his slut, nothing more.

Just be a good cunt


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This is the instruction he gives me as he is fucking me from behind. He’s had me on my stomach, pinned my arms behind my back, and he’d got the perfect angle to thrust right into the core of me. I’d been totally helpless, unable to push or pull away from him, and so I had just sagged into submission, feeling my thighs get wet from his cock pulling all the way out so he could just rip me right open again.

Then he’s hoisted me up by my hips so that I’m balancing on my knees. I push myself up on my hands to be on all fours, but he angrily slams my head back down into the pillow, face-first, and grabs my hands to force them onto the back of my head so again, I have no ability to push back against him. I feel how vulnerable I am as my ass is pushing up and displaying my holes to him, and I can scarcely breathe but I can feel his satisfaction with this new angle as he pulls my pussy lips wide until I fear I will tear. I moan into the pillow and hear in response, “just be a good cunt”. He jams his thumb into my ass, lets go of my lips, then two fingers in my ass, and as I’m gasping for breath he’s plunged again deep into my cunt, and now he fucks me so hard, so fast, “you love this, don’t you, just being my slut, I can feel how wet your cunt is getting,” and he’s ramming into me and I’m burning and sopping wet and dying for more and I’m just being a cunt, and I love it.