Training your submissive wife / sex slave


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So I tried to write a series of posts about this topic, since it’s something I know a lot of you are interested in.

But everything was specific to my relationship, and how I need to be controlled, and how I can derive pleasure from slavery.

Each slave, each person, is different. Definitely each wife is different!!!

Not to mention, when I talk about training someone to be your sex slave, I assume we all know that consent is paramount, respect is earnt, trust is fundamental, and really, she is still an individual with rights – rape is still rape, abuse is still abuse.

But I worry that there are plenty of people visiting my site, who have a nilla wife, and honestly believe that there is some way to turn her into a 100% submissive obedient docile sex slave, possibly by invoking Jesus Christ, possibly by telling her women are naturally inferior to men. Two stupid and inaccurate approaches, btw!

Anyway, that’s just not going to happen! Just like you couldn’t possibly turn me into a 100% vanilla “no rough stuff please!” boring missionary person! Not going to happen!

So, what’s there to say about training a submissive wife? I’ve said some stuff about it before, and I think I will write a few more posts – but purely about MY experience. As usual, YMMV!

50 shades of grey


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Welp, we watched it last weekend. I dressed up in my new lace bra and g-string, put on the movie, cuddled up next to Master, and then …

… the movie was absolutely no help at all. Whenever we paid attention to it, we’d be practically yelling in irritation at the screen. “how is that being a dom???” “where’s the aftercare??” “3 spanks???”

so we left it on the tv, for ambient lighting in the room if nothing else, and occupied ourselves elsewhere.

Master’s hands were all over my breasts, pinching and rubbing my nipples til I was squirming in arousal, then he directed me to take his cock in my mouth, which I did very happily. Then we’d watch a bit of the movie, then I found a better gstring to put on, then he fingered my ass, then he pushed my mouth down on his cock again. Then a bit more of the movie, then, “present to me, slut”, so I was on all fours with my face pressed into the bed, and he began pushing the medium nJoy butt plug into me, and I struggled too much so he pinned me down and pushed it in as my screams were muffled by the mattress. We lay back down together, and he teased me mercilessly with fucking me with the plug and playing with my nipples, until he finally said, “give me that cunt”, and then the fucking really began.

And then I had to clean him off with my mouth, and then we’d fuck some more, and then more oral, and at some point he put the vibrator on the plug which was pure torture, and then he pulled out the plug, and followed it up with his cock, and oh my god and after he pulled out I begged him to do it more, and then I begged him to stop and I screamed around the ball gag he strapped on me, and he thrust into me so hard and I struggled and he pinned me down and oh my god it was so fucking good I nearly died.

So, thanks 50 shades. I have no clue what happens in the movie but I can tell you that this little slave had one of the best nights ever just by avoiding watching it.

Fantasy – wife-sharing


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This is always a big one for me. Wife-sharing is an interesting phrase, too – it’s not just swinging, or polyamoury, it’s quite intentionally pointing out that it’s husbands sharing wives – people who are contracted to each other for life, and one of them decides to share the other one around, simply because they want to. And the one being shared has no recourse because after all, they signed a contract. And sharing is such a benign, friendly concept, that it erases any sense of the humiliation or loss of control on the part of the wife – it’s centred entirely on the husband. The act of wife-sharing is controlled entirely by the husband.

So wife-sharing is when my husband and I are out for dinner, and we run into a friend of his. We’re chatting nicely the three of us, and his friend ruefully admits that it’s been a while since he went out with a woman. We commiserate, and then my husband startles me by suggesting with a laugh that his friend make use of me. Then his friend reaches out and fondles my breast, again laughingly commenting on how good I feel and how it sounds like a good idea. My husband grips me by the back of my neck and pushes me at his friend, saying to him that half an hour should do it, and he’ll go have a drink while he waits. I start to argue but my husband laughs at me and says to behave myself. Be generous, he says. Don’t you like my friend, he asks. Don’t embarrass me, he says. Remember who you belong to, he says. His friend meanwhile grabs my wrists in one hand and drags me off, cheerily saying goodbye to my husband.

His friend takes me to his home and proceeds to fuck my mouth, my pussy, my mouth, my pussy, my pussy some more, and finally he takes great joy in discovering how much of his cock can fit in my ass. The tone of this whole experience is one of absolute shock, and absolute subjugation. My husband’s friend carefully arranges me how he wants me, and if I protest he just pushes his cock down my throat to silence me, reminding me not to disappoint my husband. He comments on how my husband has often said that I am so slutty in the bedroom, and he can’t wait to see what I’m like. He’s never angry or abusive, he’s simply overpowering me and he feels so entitled to take what he wants that I am incapable of resisting him.

His cock is different, his style is different, and he likes to kiss me, to stroke my body, to arouse me and then to fuck me and through it all to comment on me, my behaviour, my reactions, I can’t relax if I even tried, as I’m too busy hearing his perception of me and feeling humiliated by his opinions and judgements on me. Maybe he tells me I’m too stiff, and he pushes my legs back over my head and then approvingly tells me that see, I am a loose cunt, he knew it all along. When I choke on his cock, he shakes his head at me, tells me I can do better, pinches my nose closed and forces his cock down past my gag reflex, digging into my nipple with his fingernails and saying again so approvingly that my husband will be so proud to hear that I took his whole cock.

In the one moment early on when I do manage to protest and say no, this isn’t what I want, please stop, perhaps he even does stop, look at me surprised, and asks what do I expect to tell my Master? And in that moment I realise that my consent doesn’t matter here because this is what my husband expects of his submissive wife, and so I give up, and lean over and take his cock in my mouth, and he delightedly says how proud my Master will be of his little slut, his little whore, and I shut my eyes and take his cock down my throat even more deeply, and he pushes a finger in my ass, and I moan with enjoyment, and how is it humiliating to serve a man who my Master has given me to? I offer myself up to the experience, to this man, and when my Master comes to collect me, I’m so happy when they DP me before we go home.

Can a slut like me ever truly be humiliated? In a marriage where the wife’s role is to obey her husband and serve him sexually however he sees fit, can wife-sharing like this be anything more than fair and reasonable?



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You know that thing where you and your Master agree that you need a night off, so when you spoon into him at bed time, within 10 seconds I’m rubbing my wet pussy against his cock, and within 30 seconds his cock is deep inside me and he’s fucking me and then he pulls out and drags me by the hair and forces his cock down my throat while commanding me to clean it off, and then he pushes me onto my stomach and rams back into my cunt, and then pulls out again and face fucks me, and then fucks my ass relentlessly till I’m literally crying?

Or, as I like to call it, last night.

Thinking about anal sex training


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Just some thoughts, as I believe Master is preparing to start this again with me. Best I prepare myself too! I wouldn’t want to disappoint. So, here is my perspective.

My first thought is – anal training comes in 2 parts – physical and psychological.

Yet at the same time, anal training is actually unnecessary.

How so?

Well, physical training means stretching my ass to make it easy for Master’s cock to slide into me whenever he wants. It means every night using a butt plug for a period of time to stretch me, and often once the plug is pulled out, his cock pushed right into me to train my hole to accept the rapid thrusting of a long thick cock, for a decent amount of time.

Psychological training means me accepting and never questioning that my ass is not just my Master’s whenever he wants, but even every single night, for him to manipulate, to push and to use, and that anything I feel is nothing more than what my role is to accept.

But what exactly is the aim? Is it to make me perfectly complacent and willing to have anal sex whenever my partner wants? In which case, careful structured training of my body will make that straightforward. And then there’s no challenge – it’d be as simple as getting a kiss, a hug, anal sex. And if it doesn’t affect my body at all, then is the psychological training even relevant and achievable?

Isn’t the aim rather to have a sweet little slave girl who denies her Master nothing, not even her tender, sore ass which is still not entirely capable of taking his thick, long cock – an obedient if scared little slave who knows it may happen at any time, or not at all, and that when it does, it may hurt, because he takes it when he wants it, and not when she is ready for it. Obedience to my Master’s needs means my needs are subsumed to his, not met first. My need to deny him access to fucking my ass? That need doesn’t even exit. Anal sex is painful, controlling, humiliating, and only like this is it 100% effective at reminding me I am HIS to use.

So, training is not about getting to an end goal, a destination marked “perfectly easy anal sex whenever you want it, sweetheart!” It’s about always being expected to submit, from day 1 of “training”, regardless of whether my ass is stretched enough to take his cock, or a large butt plug overnight.

It’s about realising that from now on, no matter how tight my ass may be, when he tells me he’s going to fuck it, the only option for me is to get on my stomach, spread my ass cheeks wide, and say “thank you Master” when it’s over. And because I love every moment of this relationship, both he and I know my pussy will be wet at the end of it, because I don’t want careful training – I want to obey, and I need to be controlled and TAKEN.

pushing this slave’s cunt


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so we’re exploring some new ways to play with my body and push me to even higher heights during sex. this has been great fun, and i think it has triggered in my Master a need to reinforce what my role in this relationship really IS. in case you forgot, it’s to be available for his cock whenever he wants, to accept him in my holes without question, and to submit to whatever sexual need he has. (with all requisite safewords and love and tenderness of course!)

so i’ve noticed a shift in intensity in our dynamic, and it’s been exciting and challenging to say the least! we’ll be playing with my body, carefully discussing what exactly is happening in me and my level of arousal, and then he’ll grab me by the throat, kneel up above me, and face fuck me, and from that point on my cunt will be wetter than before and he’ll be growling at me about what a fucking whore i am and i’ll be getting wetter and then he’ll move to my other two holes and the night gets extremely intense.

i have to admit that stroking and tickling of my pussy and clit is all very nice, but it’s to my abject humiliation that i admit my cunt gushes the most when i’m being treated like a whore whose only role is to be treated like a collection of holes.

and i also have to admit that my Master knows this fact – and he uses it very effectively to keep me exactly where i belong. (and in the meantime, he’s also finding ways to torture my clit even more effectively goddamn him!!!) humiliation, arousal, and being treated like a whore. me in a nutshell!

Open for requests


I’m still alive and kicking! Still happy with hubby. Just nowhere near enough kinky stuff going on in my life to be able to write about. Heaps of fantasies, just not much action! Oh well.

I do miss writing though, so very very much. So I’m officially open for requests – send through your fantasies by email or comment, and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll only write what I feel comfortable with of course.

Latest recurring fantasy


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Involves an ageplay Daddy figure training a youngster up until she’s ready to be given to her Master. In my fantasy the Daddy figure is some nameless faceless older man, very stern, who demands absolute obedience from his little girl, in order to train her absolutely perfectly. Her training involves a lot of time in a cage, on all fours in front of him, being fucked morning and night to ensure she never rests without realising her role as a good cunt. He teaches her to deepthroat, to swallow, to beg for cock, to be always naked in high heels so uncomfortable she prefers to be on her knees. She learns to welcome him home with her legs spread, and is scared to leave him for her new Master.

Because I’m a romantic, when she first meets her new Master, he takes the time to get to know her as a person, and they fall in love. Awww! But of course he realises that he can’t let her training lapse, as she will start refusing him and falling into bad habits. So he trains her twice as hard for the first few weeks, to make sure she doesn’t get lazy. He keeps her in the cage most of the day, with carefully positioned holes for fucking her through. He forces her to watch videos of her and Daddy, and her and Master, whenever he’s out of the house, so she doesn’t forget her place. He keeps her holes plugged when he’s not home, and any sign of disobedience, even brattiness, is punished with breast torture and sensory deprivation and too big plugs and fucking machines. She (me? perhaps) learns to obey absolutely, not to risk any hesitation or questioning. And once he sees that love won’t get in the way of her obedience, he brings her out of the cage, and she can sleep in bed with him. In shackles, collar, fully plugged, and at the foot of the bed, but, in bed nonetheless.

He allows her to venture out of the bedroom, under his close supervision. Any time he’s sitting, she’s to give him oral, and any time he gets out of his seat, she’s to follow him on hands and knees. He brings her onto the couch with him periodically, watching TV and chatting about his day. Sometimes she eats at the table with him, sometimes she has to suck him off while he eats and only then does she get to eat, on the floor.

Checking in

Hello all! Sorry for no posts for a few months.

The latest on the sex front in my home is that it’s been rough and fast and pretty dirty. Master has been too tired and distracted for serious play, so we don’t have much time, and we don’t use many or any toys. The dynamic is still there though, I get wet within a second of him grabbing my breast, pinching my nipple, rolling me on my stomach and kneeling above me. There aren’t many words needed either, but they’re mighty powerful when needed. “I want to feel my cock at the back of your throat before you get to be fucked anywhere else, slut.” Sex has been taking about 20 min in total, which is pretty fast, and he’s been enjoying pulling out right at the end to cover my breasts or my face with cum; I’m panting and delirious from the fast pace, and then before I know it I’m feeling even more humiliated by how he’s treated me right to the end. It’s a very effective 20 minutes.