this blog is written by me, for me. it turns me on to write it. some of what i write is fantasy – some is reality – some is hopefully right around the corner. everything is written with a few simple truths as the foundation:

  1. I am a feminist first and foremost, I believe in equality and equity, and I do not believe the male gender is in any way inherently superior or inferior to the female. Every relationship is different. Female dommes rock and have my full support. My political leanings are pro-choice, pro-marriage-equality, pro-pay-equality, pro-socialised-healthcare, anti-MRA.
  2. I love submitting sexually
  3. I like to play very rough and very heady
  4. I can safeword whenever I want

My husband and i negotiated everything months and years ago. We know our boundaries. He knows how to push them. I know to trust him.

YOUR MILEAGE WILL VARY. whatever your relationship is – it is different from mine. want to turn your wife sexually submissive? first step is to talk to her and see if she wants it. same goes for turning your husband sexually dominant.

sex is personal. what works for me might not work for you.

this blog is an instruction manual that works for only one model – me.

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