About this blog

updated as of june 2015.

the basics are:

  • married for a while
  • practising sexual slavery to my husband the last year and a half -ish
  • negotiated in advance, therefore submit upon demand (with safeword option)
  • all 3 holes are to be used by him at his discretion
  • favourite toys include butt plug, gimp hood, ass hook, speculum, arm binder, hogties
  • for me, submitting as his wife is way more sexy than submitting as his girlfriend – go figure! – but this doesn’t mean i believe all wives should submit – far from it!

i write this blog to get all my filthy fantasies and stories and experiences out of my brain and onto the screen – typing this stuff up makes me insanely horny and makes me a better sex slave to my master. and i love to chat so drop me a line.

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18 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. I enjoy your posts and following your “descent” into total submission. Such strong description and emotion in your words.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ It’s so rewarding to write for an audience, to share my stories and life.

      • Hi.

        Thanks for replying. Ours is (you more so) a controversial lifestyle. While I am Dom to my sub, at least sexually (she enjoys and will perform as instructed), we are not at the M/S level as you and hubby. I call myself a considerate Dom, though I’ve certainly been much tougher on other subs in the past.

        I am a firm believer that what happens between consenting adults is no one else’s business or concern. Please don’t let any negative reader comments put you off or prevent you from being, you! Life is short. Sex is a rare pleasure for humans. Enjoy the lifestyle to the fullest and keep exploring and pushing limits.

        You never responded to the group fantasy I submitted in your blog. Did you like it? Interested in others? I’m a muti-time published erotic writer. I can certainly write one tailored to you!


      • I did like it, but I’m not that interested in introducing a woman to our BDSM dynamic. I’m into the cliched gang-bang-DP scenario, embarrassing as it is! I spend a bit of time at literotica and kristen’s stories, and these days i’m focusing in on the submissive/obedient wife stories, though I haven’t found many I like!

      • Hmm… Well, Ms. Cliche, let me see what my devious mind can concoct (cancock? :p) for you.

      • Ah, WOC, to be one of the play party contingent… I’d not bring 9 to the table, but contribute a solid 7. Surely fun and satisfying for all.

  2. hi, i am so excited to find your blog. i feel the same s you do, and would love to explore this lifestyle. My partner however does not seem as enthuiastic, and i am shy to show him what i really want. i have told no one except my partner of my desires, too many would not understand

    • It’s tough to find the right words to explain to someone you love! Take it step by step, and work with your partner to find ways for both of you to be happy. lots of luck! *hugs*

    • Smoky11, many won,t understand because we aren’t,t deemed to fit into the norms of society . This site , is brilliant . There is also another called fetlife . I myself am a master from liverpool, I’m married to a woman , who is not into this lifestyle. And have two sub females who I see regularly

  3. Lady Virtue said:

    Wonderful blog…..gives me lots of ideas. Thanks for sharing! Pleasures to you and yours always.

  4. OMG, your blog is like I good book that I can’t put down!!! I see myself very much the same as you. Sexual slave in the bedroom, but submissive every where else. Much more research and reading to be done on that. πŸ™‚

  5. Please don’t ever stop writing! I am absolutely addicted!

  6. LOVE your blog! Like you I am my husbands submissive sex slave…anytime, anywhere, any hole. πŸ˜‰ I can so relate to what you said “about” you above in previously wanting less sex than him, bored with vanilla, etc. We r so much happier this way and I am less resistant and less anxious. Xoxo

  7. Do you have an email? I have some personal (for me) questions I would like to ask.

    Love your blog and your relationship.

  8. Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading about your journey and I appreciate your honest writing. I’ve absolutely no experience in a D/s relationship although my go-to fantasies are almost exclusively ones where I’m powerless and in control of an alpha male (s). So I appreciate the peek into the lifestyle that writers such as yourself generously provide to us “voyeurs” πŸ˜‰

    You mentioned you do have s safe word. Have you ever had to use it? If so, would you be willing to share about any those times? I’d like to see the other side of your master…. the side that shows he’s worthy of your submission.

    I was also wondering, have you ever been genuinely, physically hurt in your play sessions ….the kind of hurt where a visit to the hospital might be warranted? (unintentionally, of course). Do you use any precautions to make sure things don’t get so out of control that something regrettable happens? Hope my question doesn’t offend..I ask only for my own education.


    • I use my safe word quite regularly – it’s “orange”, and I use it any time I feel mentally or physically unprepared to handle what’s happening. He stops immediately and we shift to vanilla/caretaker mode. He will hold me gently, tell me “we’re stopping now” and reassure me that nothing further will happen, and he’ll let me talk and he’ll listen and never argue with me. I’ve also never been hurt more than “ow ow OW THAT PLUG IS TOO BIG”, nothing that’s landed me in hospital, and I guess the play we do doesn’t seem to warrant any precautions per se – just our own common sense and his willingness to listen to me πŸ™‚

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