What could this all look like? Well, you’ve already got that beautiful picture of a little girl, newly legal, newly trained, wearing sparkly sneakers, tartan miniskirt, welded collar and restraints, leash held by her Daddy, as she trots behind him through the town square.

Daddy sees an old friend of his, and stops to talk. Little girl immediately drops to her knees on the pavement, eyes downcast and mouth open. Daddy and his friend talk for a while, and her jaw starts to ache, but she doesn’t dare move. Daddy and her friend finish talking, and Daddy moves on. Little girl hops up and trots behind him.

Daddy passes some other friends of his, who greet him. Daddy doesn’t have time to stop, but he welcomes them to come over later tonight, and they tell him they’ll bring their girls too. Their two girls are currently lying on the ground, industriously sucking and licking at each other’s pussies.

Daddy walks on to the supermarket. He has a lot of shopping to do, so he clips little girl’s leash to the hitching post out front. Little girl drops to all fours with knees spread, and Daddy pats her on the head fondly. “Be good, little slut.” Daddy walks into the supermarket.

There’s another 3 girls waiting for their Daddies at the supermarket. One is waiting patiently. One has two men fucking her, one at her mouth and one at her pussy. The third has clearly just been fucked by them, as she’s calmly washing her mouth and pussy at the tap.

Our little girl carefully doesn’t stare at the other girls, and just looks at the ground in front of her. A man walks towards her, pauses, and looks at her. She can feel his glance on her. “Aw fuck it, I’ve got a few minutes still” he mutters to himself, as he unzips his fly and walks over to her. “Lube me up good” he orders as he pushes his cock into her mouth. He pumps into her a couple of times, then goes around behind her. She braces herself, and feels the head of his cock at her ass. He can’t quite get in, as she’s still quite tight there. “Fuck this, don’t you resist me you little bitch” he grunts at her, leaning over her back, grabbing a breast as it sways underneath her, and finally ramming his cock half-way into her ass. She gasps, and he chuckles. “You love it, admit it, say it you little whore”. “I love it Master, I love it!”

He fucks her ass quite happily for a few more minutes, then he must have realised the time, because he speeds up dramatically, fucking her so deep and hard she’s close to tears, but she doesn’t cry of course. He pulls out, sprays cum on her back, zips up his fly, and walks away, humming to himself.

Little girl takes a deep breath, turns on the tap, and wipes herself down with a towel. Dries herself off, then gets back into the same position, legs trembling a bit.

She breathes a silent sigh of relief when Daddy emerges from the supermarket before any other man comes upon her. He unclips her leash, and strides off with her stumbling behind him.

On their way back to Daddy’s truck, they pass about 5 men with 2 little girls. Daddy pauses to watch, and whistles quietly in admiration. “Fun!” He taps one of the men on the shoulder, and they have a quiet chat. Little girl hurriedly kneels on the ground with her mouth open. Daddy and the man come to an agreement, and Daddy takes the place of the man in the group of men. Lucky Daddy, he gets to step right up to one of the little girls and force her mouth down onto his cock. First though, he passes his little girl’s leash to the man he’s replaced.

That man looks at the little girl he’s just met. “Well, aren’t you a beauty,” he murmurs appreciatively. “I don’t think I would have made that swap. But I’m the lucky one aren’t I! Come with me.” And he walks her around the corner to a secluded space. Little girl immediately gets on all fours when they stop, but the man pulls her back up. “No, no, come on, you’re too pretty for that.” He pulls her inside the building, where there’s the usual furniture awaiting. He takes her to the bed, and lies her on her back.

“I’ve had all the sluts around here, and they’re pretty good, but I can see you’re special. New around here?”

Little girl nods, mutely.

“Good, I like you noobs, you’re so pretty and still a bit tight. But yeah, so pretty, and look at that cunt, mmmmmmmm I can see it’s tight. Oh baby. Oh fuck yeah.” And he’s easing his cock into her pussy, kissing her, playing with her nipples, and whispering into her ear how beautiful she is, and she’s surprised to find he’s actually making her wet, and she wraps her legs around his back, and he speeds up and fucks her harder, and harder, and he gags her with his hand when she starts moaning too loudly. “Yeah I can see you love it baby, I know what you need, you need my cock don’t you, come on, open up wider, take more and more” and he rams so deep she can’t believe how big he is, and she groans around his hand, and he smiles at her. “Wait til you take it in your ass little girl, you’re going to be begging for it to never stop.”

Half an hour later, she’s dripping cum from her pussy and her ass, and tears are sliding down her face, but when he pulls her to him for a kiss, she willingly opens her mouth for his tongue. “I love you little girls … I could do this all day long” he murmurs to her. “But you’re special. I know it, and you know it. I’m going to visit your Daddy later, and we’re going tag-team you til we make you bleed. You’re worth it.”

She shudders inside, but feels her pussy grow moist just at the thought.

He leads her back out on her leash, and her Daddy is pulling a little girl’s head back while fucking her in the ass, so that the other four Daddies can aim their cum on her face. Daddy is grunting and cheering them on, and when he pulls out, the little girl collapses on the ground, panting heavily. Her Daddy leans down and tickles her pussy with his finger. She giggles, and he laughs. Her Daddy straightens up and sees her standing there with the stranger. He waves happily, takes the leash back, and they continue along their day …