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In their community, Daddy knows his little girl will always be safe in public. She can’t get lost, and if she goes for a wander, he can rely on any of his friends to pick her up and bring her home to him. Even a stranger will know where to deliver her, thanks to the dog tags on her welded collar.

Daddy does have some expectations for his little girl in public. He knows other men like their girls bratty and recalcitrant so they can humiliate them in public, and he doesn’t deny this can be very effective training! But for Daddy, it’s too much hard work for just a simple shopping or socialising trip. Daddy likes his girls to be polite, demure, and respectful – to him, and to all men in his community.

He never lets his girl wear panties in public, because, as he chides them if they forget, their holes are there for men, not to be covered up and hidden. He might let them wear a top, particularly if they’re doing something where bouncing breasts will just get in the way. But understandably, this is quite rare! After all, what could he possibly be doing which would be made worse by having easy access to a little girl’s breasts?

So, it’s usually a short skirt, and either sparkly sneakers or high heels. Of course she’ll have her personalised ankle and wrist restraints on at all time, and her collar, and her hair in a cute ponytail. Quite adorable, really!

And her behaviour? Keep up with Daddy’s walking pace, never let the leash get taut. Keep eyes fixed on Daddy’s back, don’t stare at other people or dawdle. Stop when Daddy stops, walk when Daddy walks. He shouldn’t have to give any instructions on walking.

If Daddy pauses to greet a friend, she’s to drop to her knees, stare at the ground in front of her, and open her mouth. If the friend chooses to fuck her mouth, it’s up to him – she’s to make no assumptions, therefore her mouth remains open until Daddy farewells him, at which point, she’s to stand up, close her mouth, and continue following Daddy.

If Daddy pauses to do some business, perhaps shopping or banking, he’ll usually clip her leash to a hitching post at the front of the store. She’s then to drop to all fours, knees wide apart, and keep that position until Daddy returns, or unless a man directs her to change her position, whether for his pleasure or just because she’s inconveniencing him.

If a man gives her any instructions, he’ll do so in two situations. One: after greeting Daddy. Two: when she’s at a hitching post. In either of these situations, she is to obey unconditionally and instantly. Daddy may choose to give her other directions, which obviously she must obey first. But otherwise, whatever instructions a man gives, she’s to follow.

Little girl is quite content to follow all these instructions, because she knows that she’ll be rewarded with some kind words from Daddy at the end of a successful trip in public.