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What would Daddy want her to wear? I’d like to think her clothing options are all carefully designed to remind her of her role, and Daddy’s expectations for her.

There would be very, very skimpy underpants, if any. The kind which ride right up in between butt cheeks and pussy lips, the kind which Daddy can grab and pull like a leash towards him. If there’s enough fabric, the panties might have something like “Daddy’s cock please!” written on them.

Little girls don’t really need bras, so she might have lightweight mesh ones that show her cute little nipples through them. More likely, she goes without a bra.

Very short skirts, and short shorts, would be the order of the day. I’m sure Daddy would like her in a little tartan schoolgirl skirt, long enough to cover her butt cheeks and short enough to not get in the way of a quick fuck over the back of the couch.

Her tops would be a mix. Very tight, low-cut numbers, particularly for when he’s taking her out in public and showing her off. But also loose billowy tops which are easy to pull the neckline down under her breasts, so he can play with them and offer them to his friends to fondle and enjoy.

Shoes should always have D-rings at their ankles, and should be a mix of astonishingly high heels (because Daddy does love seeing his little girl totter around!) and sensible sneakers with sparkly motifs.

I’m sure you can picture how this would look! Sparkly sneakers, string-style panties, tartan miniskirt, tight singlet so low-cut her nipples are almost on display. Just beautiful!!!