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What do you do with a little girl like this one? It’s been 3 weeks, she’s had her pussy full of cock at least twice a day, every day, but she’s been such a brat! She complains whenever daddy takes the gag out of her mouth! He can scarcely keep her fed! She has to be kept restrained because she keeps trying to run. She squirms away from his cock. He certainly can’t trust her to take his cock in her mouth without biting. He’s spanked her til his arm is tired, he’s explained a million times why this is happening, he’s reminded her of the rules constantly. He’s withheld desserts, movie times, her favourite music. And nothing!

So at times like this, he turns to a very special bunch of friends. These men don’t have the patience for training little girls, they aren’t interested in his line of work. They are the fast and the furious, the hard and the rough. There’s a part of town where they do their work. All he has to do is drive the little girl there, tell her she’s set free to try it her way, and leave her in a certain street at a certain time of night. He lets her choose her outfit, so she’s usually dressed defiantly in long baggy pants and a baggy sweatshirt, showing no skin. She’ll see other men and women walking around, happily partnered up, now and then a little girl passes by on her leash, but the problem child snorts derisively and feels proud she’s finally independent. Daddy drives around the corner to the back of the building, to the apartment they keep wired for viewing. He settles down on an easy chair, turns on the tv, and waits.

Little girl starts down the street, and a man comes up to walk confidently beside her. She speeds up. So does he. She stops to cross the street. He grabs her by her arm. She tries to shake him off. Another man suddenly steps up and grabs her other arm. She yells for help. The men and women walking nearby will stop, look at her, and the men will make tsk tsk noises, shake their heads, the women will look at their men, and the men will walk them on. The daddy with the little girl on the leash pauses and whispers something in her ear. She stops and watches with wide eyes.

The two men pull the little girl back down the street and into a building. Nobody follows.

Inside there are 5 or 6 men already waiting. There’s a room with video cameras already on. There’s a mattress. There are ropes. There is a tray of knives and medical instruments.

The little girl starts screaming. The two men laugh, and tell her to keep going. The viewers love it. One of them smacks her hard across the face, and tells her that rough treatment is necessary for little girls who can’t be trained the normal way. She’s now in their care. She’s now so terrified that there’s no need for knives or anything fancy – they’re just for show, but she doesn’t know that. She tries to run, but is tripped up. They drag her towards the mattress, and the fun begins.

Daddy’s watching in the apartment above. He has estimated it’ll take 11 minutes for her to break.

He’s mildly pleased to see he was wrong. It’s only 4 minutes in, and she’s already crying for her daddy. Being fucked by two strange men is too much for her. Daddy tsks tsks to himself. A well trained little girl would take that in her stride and be quite proud. She’d lay back on the bed, spread her own legs, and say thank you demurely after each fuck.

At 4 minutes and 30 seconds, daddy walks into the room. He’s welcomed like a brother by the men in there. They immediately let go of the little girl and step back. Daddy walks over to her and looks at her tear-streaked face. She stumbles, grabs for him, clings to his legs as he pushes her head firmly down. When she’s on her knees, he clicks the leash onto her collar. “Thank you gentlemen, it’s always a pleasure!”

Within 10 minutes of being set free, she’s been an independent girl, been stripped naked in a room of strange men, fucked by two of them, fondled by all of them, and now she’s back with her daddy, thanking him over and over again for taking her back. They get in the cab of his pick-up and drive home. When they arrive home, daddy takes her straight to the bedroom. “Get on your back, spread your legs, and ask politely.”

“Please daddy, please fuck me with your cock? I really want it please!”

He can see the tear streaks on her face, and he kisses them away as he slowly pushes his cock deep into her sore, torn pussy …

And she thanks him for it.