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I’d like to imagine that daddy has been around a bit. He’s had many little girls go through his home, he’s been responsible for teaching them and training them and then sending them off into happy relationships with other men who prefer their girls to be ready and willing the second they arrive. Daddy’s a bit different. He’s more realistic, he knows the hard work that goes into getting a little girl ready and willing! He’s had girls who gave up and went back to their old lives. He’s had girls who took years until they were ready. He’s had girls who were so eager to please he was almost sad to give them up.

So daddy has a whole arsenal of tools and techniques at the ready. He can handle any little girl drama that comes his way. He spends his days and nights teaching and training them, so nothing shocks him now.

(Incidentally, I suspect daddy also has a long term partner who is super grown up and sexy and loves him dearly, who is submissive and at the same time has a personality and a will all her own. The two of them spend heaps of time together whenever they can.)

So if his new little girl cries and cries and cries after daddy pushes his cock deep inside her for the first time, daddy will let her cry, and then afterwards snuggle up on the couch with her to watch her favourite movie. If she doesn’t want to snuggle, he’ll calmly restrain her at the wrists and ankles, and wrap her in a big bear hug. If she yells and screams, he’ll calmly fix a ball gag in her mouth. If she continues to struggle, he will put her over his knee and spank her for a very, very long time. And then, he will still wrap her in a bear hug, and snuggle her on the couch. And the whole time he’ll remind her how it’s up to her to fix her attitude, and that he has way more patience than her.

If his new little girl begs him the next morning to not fuck her, he’ll calmly gag her, restrain her, and fuck her anyway. He’ll explain to her that this is actually for her own good, he’ll rub her clit and point out how her pussy is getting wet, he’ll slick her wet slit and tell her how good she tastes, and he’ll slowly, methodically, push his cock deep inside her, while staring deep into her eyes.

Then again, if it’s been a few weeks and she’s still complaining, daddy won’t be quite as calm and reassuring…