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I suspect the first time this newly legal little girl sees her daddy’s cock, she could be quite scared. He could make it all very fun and games – “look it’s like a lollipop! yummy!” – but I’d like to think that a daddy takes his role very seriously – that when she leaves his care, she shouldn’t expect sex to be fun and games, but rather she understands that a man will always dictate the rules of engagement, and she must submit above all else.

That’s a lot of responsibility. I’d like to think that when he disrobes and shows her his cock, he does so in a stern and commanding way – that she is immobilised, unable to run away and hide like a brat in a corner – that she is gagged so she doesn’t complain or ask silly questions. She would be spreadeagled on a bed, naked, gagged, head positioned with the use of a posture collar and chains. He kneels above her, shows her his cock, and simply says something like “this is what every man has – and this is what you will accept from every man. starting with me.”

He should rub it all over her face and her body. She should feel every angle, every sensation. He should remind her constantly of what this means – it isn’t a game, it isn’t a lollipop – “this is my cock, and as you are my little girl, I’ll be giving it to you however I want, whenever I want. Get used to it. Be a good girl, and don’t complain. Learn how it works, and how to use your body to make my cock very very happy.”

By the time he’s down at her pussy, I think he would be covered in pre-cum, and that would lubricate her well enough for him to push his cock slowly, calmly, deep into her virginal pussy. “This may or may not make you feel good. You’ll learn how to do that over time. Right now you’ve got one lesson: daddy’s cock belongs in your body.”

I think he should take her gag out and take off the posture collar, kiss her deeply over and over again, push his tongue into her mouth as his cock pushes into her pussy, whisper calming words to her, “you are doing very very well, your pussy definitely likes daddy’s cock, you’re a very good little pussy”, reminding her that right now she is her pussy and nothing more, nothing less.

He should play with her nipples, because he likes to, and kiss her, and continue to methodically drive his cock deep inside her body, over and over again, and continue to tell her how good she’s doing, how glad he is that she is his little girl. When he is about to cum, he should look deep into her eyes, and tell her that she’s done such an amazing job, he’s going to give her his cum. Continual reinforcing that when she accepts a cock inside her body, she’s being a very good little girl.

After he cums, she learns how to lick his cock and balls clean, and then when he unties her, she gets to kneel at his feet and say thank you.

What a lovely way to introduce a little girl to her daddy’s cock, and to prepare her for her life as a little girl in a man’s world!