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the dream rules:

  1. she will obey every command of her husband and master no matter what, no matter where, no matter when
  2. she will wear nothing more than a bra, a g-string or mesh panties, and stiletto shoes.
  3. she will never refuse her husband and master the use of any of her three fuck holes for whatever purpose
  4. she will service (sexually and otherwise) any male her husband and master directs her to, and never refuse the use of any of her three fuck holes for any such male
  5. she will greet her husband and master at the door any time he returns home, in one of three positions: on her hands and knees with her ass and cunt facing the door with no panties or g-string on; on her knees, spread, facing the door with her mouth open and hands on her head; on her back with no panties or g-string on, pulling her legs back to each side of her torso, so her holes are open
  6. she will not move from that position until directed to do so, regardless of any discomfort, and regardless of whether more people than just her husband and master walk through the door
  7. when her husband and master is relaxing on a seat, she will kneel at his feet awaiting any command, if no command comes then she may relax at his feet
  8. when her husband and master taps his thigh twice in her presence, she must stop whatever she is doing, get on all fours, crawl to him, and immediately service him orally
  9. she will swallow any cum she receives in her mouth, from whoever gives it to her
  10. she will always thank her master after she completes any sexual service for him
  11. she will similarly thank any other male who she completes a sexual service for
  12. after a man takes his cock out of her cunt, she will open her mouth wide to receive it and clean it thoroughly
  13. she will thank her husband and master whenever he plugs her cunt or ass before leaving the house
  14. she will accept that as a sex slave, she is of service only when a male is present, and therefore in any situation where there is no male present, she will be restrained and used in such a way to benefit a male on his return – e.g. holes stretched with a fucking machine
  15. she will accept that her service to her husband and master may be financial, and therefore any money she receives for performing sexual services, will belong to her husband and master
  16. she will accept that as a sex slave to her husband and master, he may decide that she is of best service to him by offering her fuck holes to other males and being paid for it, i.e. being a whore for him, and she will both accept and appreciate her role as being in use for many males
  17. when in public with her husband and master, she will accept that she may be called upon to service him or any other male at any time, and therefore she will not hesitate to do anything asked of her, e.g. strip, crawl, service orally vaginally or anally
  18. if she disobeys, hesitates, argues, complains or otherwise does not fulfil her role as a submissive wife and sex slave, she accepts that her husband and master has total right to punish her in whatever way he sees fit, and that he will still retain ownership of her no matter what form of punishment he chooses
  19. she will keep her cunt and ass clean, hairless and smooth and ready for her husband and master at any time
  20. she will remember her position in her marriage, and she will take joy in being naked, humiliated, fucked, abused, shared, rented, ignored, hurt, or any similar experience which would otherwise be considered negative
  21. she will remember that at all times her husband and master loves her, and owns her