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he was fucking my cunt pretty hard, for quite a while, and i got to the point where even without his hand on the back of my neck and the other one gripping my hips, i would have just stayed in position and not argued – i was deep in the submissive slave headspace, i was feeling the head of his cock ram against my cervix so hard and i was taking it all. suddenly he pulled out, and i made that little slave noise of disappointment and exhaustion, the “oh no are you stopping treating me like a fuckhole? why?” noise. he laughed and told me that he was going to fuck me in the ass. i gasped out “no, it’ll hurt!” and he said quite calmly “yes of course it will, and you’ll thank me for it”.

“yes master, thank you master” i said, and closed my eyes, and sank further into slavespace.

“up on your knees. face down. down.” he pushes my face down into the mattress, and then taps on the back of my head. i quickly put my hands in position, lace my fingers together. my breasts are pressed flat into the mattress, and my ass is high up in the air. “legs apart. now.” i spread them further, knees splayed. he lines his cock up with my ass, and pushes in. i instinctively pull away. he grabs me by the hips again, rams me back up against him, and pushes further and harder in. i squeal. “no, what should you say?” he asks me.

“thank you master” i manage to say around my noises of pain. his cock is pushing deeper and faster every time, he’s not easing me into it, he’s just taking what’s his, when and how he wants it. before too long he tells me i’ve taken all of his cock, and he’s moving faster and faster. then again, he pulls out.

“i’m going to REALLY fuck you now. i’m going to get lube.” he grabs the bottle from the bedside table. “spread your ass open for me.” with one hand on each ass cheek, i spread them until i feel my ass gape open for him. i wince with humiliation. he drips lube onto me, and then bats my hands away. i put them back in position. he pushes me down flat onto my stomach, pins me down, spreads my legs with him between them, and then pushes his cock back into my ass. this time with the lube, it goes in easily, but hurts even more because my body doesn’t have even a chance to adjust. i start making some sort of noise that’s half scream, half moan, and he pushes my face into the mattress again and begins really fucking me, like he had threatened. it’s like being fucked in my cunt – fast and fluid and deep and hard and neverending and yet i know it’s his massive cock in my tiny tight little ass. he tells me as much – reminds me of how small i am, how tight and good it feels on his cock – he pulls my head up by my hair and i remember to gasp out “thank you master” as he slams back into me and puts all his weight on me, “give it all to me” he says and i obey immediately, letting my body sag and relax and he manages to get even deeper, i don’t know how, and he’s fucking me like crazy, it’s hurting like crazy and i know he doesn’t care, he’s enjoying every moment of humiliating and using and abusing me, and he knows i love it too. when he pulls out for good, i immediately say “thank you master”, and i mean it.