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“What a delicious dinner little girl, you did a great job tonight!”

“Thank you daddy, I’m so glad you liked it!”

“I sure did. Now, in a few minutes, I have some friends from work coming over for a drink. I want you in bed by a reasonable time, of course, but first I’ll need you to welcome them into our home for a few minutes. You’ll need to take off everything except your panties, and then I want you to show them how good you are at using your mouth. Each one of them.”

“Aw daddy, that’ll take forever, I was going to play with my dolls in bed tonight!”

“Don’t give me that attitude young lady. They’ll be here any second, so quick, clothing off, just panties. And stop pouting like that, it’s not going to change a thing.”

“Hmph. Fine daddy. There, are you happy?”

“I’ll be happy when you stop talking back like that. Come, over my lap, you need a quick attitude adjustment.” ……….. “and, ten. There you go, are you going to behave now? Are you going to make me proud tonight?”

“*sob* yes daddy, I’ll be good. I’m sorry I was such a brat.”

“Good girl. And there’s the doorbell. I’ll go let our guests in. You, on your knees, hands on your head, mouth open. Right there. Good girl!” …….. “Welcome gentlemen, hello! Come on in. I’m not sure if you’ve met my little girl before? She’s so excited to meet you all, she can’t wait to get started.”

There are three men, and they all have their own little girls at home, so they know exactly what to do. One by one they use her little pink mouth, one might face-fuck her quite roughly, one might be gentle, one might love making her choke on his cock, and they all know to reinforce her obedience by praising her. She stays on her knees, doesn’t talk back, and her Daddy sits back on the couch watching with delight as she makes him so proud. When each one comes, they do so all over her face and breasts, covering her quite nicely, and then one or two of them takes a photo for later. Daddy sends her off for a bath, and when she comes out later to say goodnight to them, she’s wearing pink frilly pyjamas which are a little small for her but she looks just adorable. She gives them each a kiss goodnight on the lips, and each of them probably takes the opportunity to touch her body, stroke her pussy lips, squeeze her butt, tickle her nipples. She giggles at them all, such silly men now! Then she trots off to bed to play with her dolls, and they all watch her go with little smiles on their mouths. And when they each get home later that night, they each take great joy in waking up their own little girls, fucking them senseless, and then having lovely Daddy-girl snuggles all through the night.