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Thinking about why I like the idea of Daddy age-play so much. First let’s get out of the way the “incest” thing – good god NO, absolutely immoral, illegal, horrific, just NO NO NO. So I think it’s to do with the age difference, and how in our western society older men are seen as wise, experienced, and even wealthy, and young girls are at risk of all kinds of terrible things happening to them. I’d far prefer that young girls actually ruled the world! But in my fantasy land, where girls are submissive and men are in control of all sexual activity, it makes perfect sense.

Young girls who are finally legal and available for men to use and abuse, are kept safe by being supervised by an older man who has the knowledge and resources to protect her. At the same time, she needs to be educated about her role in the world, and in a way which doesn’t lead her to self hatred and self destruction. Her Daddy therefore protects her by setting limits and rules, while slowly teaching her how she should behave, and what she should expect.

Until she has a Daddy, she’s at risk. She may be tempted to go off with the first young man who speaks nicely to her – and who is keen to abuse her with utter disregard – as he hasn’t yet grown up enough to understand how to maintain the order in this society. So she needs to have a Daddy, and this can’t be left to chance – so when she is a legal age, she should be available for a Daddy to choose to bring her into his home, and in doing so he must be sweet and loving, and welcome her and her delightful young body into his home. She must go willingly, excited about her future, and happy to be with someone old enough that she automatically wants to obey him.

Now that she has a Daddy, he loves her and pets her and shows her how this relationship is nothing to be scared of. She learns to trust him, and with a few mild spankings she learns quickly to obey him. She’s rewarded when she obeys, and she feels quite happy about how lucky she is. And now that the relationship and rules of it are clearly established, she knows that Daddy is the boss, she’s still very young, and of course he’s in charge.

So when Daddy starts directing her to be more open with her body around him, she of course wants to make him happy, and of course she obeys. When Daddy shows her how she can make him happy, she is only too eager to do what she’s told. And as Daddy shows her how could he can make her feel, well, why on earth wouldn’t she just obey his every command? He’s protecting her, he’s teaching her, and everything that’s happening feels amazing!

Her Daddy is someone who she can have a giggle with, because she knows he loves how young and silly she is. Her Daddy is someone who she can trust with her life, because everything he does makes sense in their world. Her Daddy is someone who spoils her rotten, who loves having a young girl around the house. Her Daddy shows her that her body is made for pleasure, and that doing what Daddy says brings the most pleasure. Her Daddy is someone who works hard to make a perfect home for her, so whatever he wants, of course he gets. All she has to do is be her own adorable girly self, and do what her Daddy says.

No wonder I love it!!!