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Last time my period came (I take the pill and skip my periods regularly), I told Master a couple of days in advance, like normal, and he took advantage of the last night in particular.

It started with me sneakily deep throating him while he was digging around for a toy in his bedside drawer. Then (and let’s see if I can remember this all in the correct order) he put the small butt plug in me, then he put the hood on me, then he spanked me, then he put the collar on me, then he used the crop on me, then he took out the small butt plug, then he put the big butt plug in, then he buckled on the chastity belt, then he made me go down on him, then he tied me to the foot of the bed and face fucked me, then he took off the chastity belt, then he fucked my cunt, then he fucked my ass, then he calmed me down, then he fucked my ass again and was harder and went deeper.

That was a tremendously intense hour. And then I was so extremely broken it was a relief I only had to serve orally for the following week!