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It sounds like some sort of dessert doesn’t it! Hehehehe!

Well, what else would you call it when your husband comes home from work, you go to give him a welcome home hug and kiss, and then after quite a deep kiss which makes your knees buckle slightly, he pushes you to face the wall, “hands above your head”, then he pulls your pants down, spreads your ass cheeks, and pushes a butt plug in with no lube???

Then he calmly pulls your pants back up, zips them up like it’s no big deal, and using a D ring on your collar, pushes you down to the ground where you proceed to crawl behind him to the bedroom, and then be fucked within an inch of your life while the pressure from the butt plug drives you insane???

I love that he expects me to obey his every wish, and I love that I do, and I love that he loves me for it 🙂 🙂