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“Hello again! Just the usual inspection again?”

“Yes, and please be extra thorough – I’m sorry to say that I found her in a very … compromising position with our neighbour last night, and, well, let’s just say that Dan can be quite determined to get what he wants!”

“But Daddy, you said to – ”

“Enough with the complaining! I swear I look forward to the day I DON’T have to carry this gag around with me just in case you get mouthy with me! There. Now I don’t have to listen to your childish prattle.”

“Now girl, now that you’re nice and quiet, let’s get started. Up on the bed, you know the drill. Legs apart, up in the stirrups, hands above your head. Okay, nice and buckled in. Now don’t be scared at the cranking noise, it’s just to raise you up to the right level, and spread your legs just right. Now, let’s have a look in here. …. Sir I am shocked, I can see why you were so disappointed, look at those bruises on her inner thighs, fingerprint shaped. She struggled???”

“Disgusting, isn’t it. I don’t know what I did wrong with this one. She’s had all the best education and training, and then – I’m just ashamed.”

“I’m sorry for you. These young girls, they don’t know how to behave. Sir, I hope you don’t mind me making a suggestion, but, last time we used the small speculum – ”

“Oh yes, forget that, go with the large, by all means. She should learn a lesson today.”

“Absolutely, couldn’t agree more. I’ll get the large. Now girl, don’t waste time wriggling, it’s still going to go in, Sir can you hold her down, she certainly has energy!”

“I’ve got her. You little slut, how many times do I have to tell you, OBEY when a man is with you! OBEDIENCE, that’s what I’ve been trying to teach you!”

“Sir, I’ll help out here, these large speculums are particularly good at subduing girls who struggle because – ah, here we go, spread those lips wide – yes, because, let’s face it, a tight pussy is a painful pussy! *chuckle* And look at that, the faster we push in, the more of a shock it is. You can let go of her now, there won’t be any more resistance. Look, more pressure just shocks her even more.”

“You’re an artist!”

“Well let’s have a look at this work of art, shall we? Mmmmmmm this is a fresh one isn’t it. How long have you had it?”

“Six weeks, give or take.”

“Wonderful. Look at that pinkness. And some abrasions, did Dan do more than just fuck her himself?”

“Well he does love his cane handles, and she was misbehaving …”

“Of course, that explains those patterns. And hello, what’s this? Her clit is starting to swell, were you expecting that?”

“I wasn’t! She’s enjoying this?”

“Well let’s see. Let’s just give it a little tickle inside – here, there’s enough space for both of our fingers -”

“Mmmm I might just take a little bite on that clit too, so tasty.”

“Yes sir I don’t blame you, and I believe she liked it, look at her shake!”

“I can hear her moaning too. Can you believe this slut??? Won’t give it to Dan last night, complains to me, and underneath it all -”

“You know, it’s true for 99% of the girls who come through my clinic. Once I stretch their pussies open, they’re all the same, they just want those holes filled.”

“Indeed. Whores, the lot of them. Well, I’ll give you some space down here to finish your inspection, and I might just make use of that pretty little mouth.”

“Wonderful Sir, and might I add, I think Dan was very clever with just how far he pushed her. There’s nothing permanently damaged here, she’s actually right as rain, she might be sore but since when did that matter, right? *chuckle* So, I recommend she spends at least two sessions a week with him, with or without you, and also, I’d suggest intermittent stretching of this cunt, something mechanical. Aaaaah look at that speculum, it’s covered with her juices. Okay, you little whore, final inspection task…”

“Come here little girl, you’ve had enough of that gag, let’s get a real cock in your mouth…”

…….. ……. ………

“So… <zip> what’s the final verdict today?”

“Sir, she’s doing very well with her cunt, but all the histrionics just because of one double penetration! My god! She’s got to learn to take it better! I definitely recommend two sessions with Dan every week, even up to 4, and you do need to go with her. Those holes have got to be stretched more, and she simply has to learn. And also, one night a week you should try a gangbang, I think you’ll see real improvements. Oh, and one final thing. I’m just going to clip this on – there we go – yes, don’t let go of her hands, buckle them behind her in fact – yes, excellent – okay that clamp is going to do wonders for her obedience. See, one little tickle there and look at that, she can’t even stand up straight. On your feet girl, or I’ll do it again. Perfect!”

“You’re a miracle worker, you really are. And look at that, she’s starting to drip already! Let me just try something – now, girl, on your knees, and crawl over to suck your doctor’s cock, like a good girl.”

“Thank you Daddy! Thank you Doctor!”

“Wonderful, another wonderful inspection. You do excellent work! Now, what do I owe you?”

“I’ll happily take payment at one of those gangbangs I recommended … *groan* … And I’d love to try her ass, since that’s the last hole left for me ….”

“Of course doctor, it’ll be an honour to have you with us. I’ll leave you two alone for a moment, just send her out when you’re done. And doctor – feel free to take your time!”