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… when it’s time for my assessment, my master hogties me, blindfolds me, and loads me into his pickup truck. i’m in the backseat with master’s best friend, joe, he’s pulled me over his lap and gripped me in place with his fingers pushing right onto my holes, but not into. joe is frustrated, i can tell, he’s not allowed to have his cock down my throat like usual on a car ride, so he’s punishing me by pinching my nipples until i want to cry. at which point i say “thank you master joe for hurting me” because that’s all i’m allowed to do. he laughs, pinches harder, and pushes my face into his groin, i can feel his heat through his jeans.

we arrive and i’m untied by joe, he pulls me out by my leash and i trip out of the cab, it’s hard to stay on all fours at all times. he passes me over to master. “the whore can’t wait to get in there.” master gives a short laugh in response. he tugs on my leash and i scramble onto all fours as we enter the hotel. other slaves are there in the lobby, i don’t have a chance to look at them as i’m dragged fast as can be into a room down the end of the hall. there’s an extremely large bed on one wall, and lots of armchairs and couches at the other. there are men everywhere, i think about 7, sitting and watching our arrival. they’re wearing jeans, tshirts, they look relaxed, then master’s foot is on my neck, crushing my face to the ground, i quickly lace my fingers on top of my head, feel the soft carpet on my cheek, stare at the ground. i know my place.

the men all greet my master, there are no names, of course, just lots of handshaking, they clearly know each other, some in-jokes, some laughter. “this is today’s, you’ve been busy the last few months, we’re fascinated to see.” “put her up on the bed, let’s get into it.” “we’re here all week but this is the one we’ve waited for. you always have the best.” “he does great work, no denying it.” i know they’re talking about me, and when master says “you won’t be disappointed, she’s very obedient” i feel that thrill of approval, which comes right with a sharp jolt of humiliation, and then i feel my cunt get wet automatically, it knows that i’ll get even more approval if i’m obedient, and i try to stop thinking and just be good.

the men gather around and drag me up onto the bed, on my back. they all want to be involved, they’re holding my ankles, wrists, a fistful of hair, one is laughing as he grabs my breast and drags me by it, everything hurts because i can’t actually move myself, they’re moving me like i’m a side of meat, heave-ho, up she goes. i’m on my back and the men are moving around me, lots of zipper sounds as pants are hitting the floor, shirts are off, they’ve got each limb pinned to the mattress, they’re staring at me, i don’t know where to look.

“what i love about his girls is that they don’t fight. but then is that always the best, i’m not sure.” “the thing is they don’t think to fight. it’s beaten out of them. you’re rough with them, aren’t you.” “i’ve got to be rough. i don’t have time to win their trust with bloody cupcakes and teddy bears.” laughter and back-slapping. “you know if you want real ageplay, though, you’ve got to push them into that role. they get so confused, they know they have to love daddy’s cock if they want another doll.” “you’re right, i’ve got to come over for a visit again. i miss having a little girl beg daddy to show her his penis and make her a big girl finally.” “laugh all you want, there’s a market.” “no doubt.” “anyway you break them hard, don’t you.” “i break them, i bought them, then they have to pay.” more laughter.

“gentlemen, enough, let’s start with the assessment.” they settle down, and there’s some movement. master walks off and i think he sits down in an armchair. the men gather in tight around me, they’re getting on the bed and murmuring between themselves. they pull my knees right up and apart so my pussy is spread wide open. “speculum?” “no, tight first. inspect after.” “yeah, sure.” one man, he’s older even than master, big belly, tall, he’s going to crush me, he gets between my legs, and speaks directly to me. “look at me, girl. why are you here?”

“i’m here for my assessment sir.” he sighs. “well obviously.” out of nowhere he slaps my pussy so hard i scream. “why are YOU being ASSESSED?” i’m gasping. “because i’m a girl and i have to go to a new master. to fuck me. because i’m here to be fucked. and the council decides who my master will be. to fuck me.”

he chuckles. “she’s excited about being fucked, isn’t she.” he addresses his next question to master. “what’s her schedule been like recently?” “lots of arousal, very very little completion. i keep her dilated, in pain, lots of excellent viewing material to keep her awake, and joe, you know him, natural born sadist.”

“see gentlemen, this is what i’m talking about. he knows his trade.” the big man shifts his focus back to me. “so let’s get her done. let’s get you done, little girl. you want to be fucked?” “i … i … have to be fucked. i’m a girl. i’m here for fucking.” i feel like an idiot. this has been my life for so long now. i don’t know why he’s asking so much. i’m scared but i know i’m here for cocks to use me, i’m so many holes just waiting to be fucked. i’ve seen it on tv a million times. master with so many girls, his cock filling them up, they can’t even speak, joe’s fucking them too, they’re being fucked, i need to be fucked – i blurt this last bit out, “i need to be fucked, fuck me, fuck me”.

the men laugh as if i’ve made the funniest joke in the world. i start crying, i don’t know what to do, i can’t handle being laughed at, i need a cock in me. “please, fuck me, fuck me, i want to be good…?”

the big man shushes the others. “gentlemen. come on.” he pivots and pushes the head of his cock just in between my pussy lips. he looks at me, grips my face, looks deep in my eyes, i’m still crying, and i’m thrusting up to get more cock in me, “fuck me please fuck me please fuck me fuck my cunt my cunt fuck my cunt” and he drives deep into me and i arch my back to meet him and he rams deeper and deeper and i’m finally being fucked and the men crowd in even more and there’s a cock forced into my mouth and finally i’m being the girl i’m supposed to be and i’m being fucked by two men and the other men are grabbing at my body, there are cocks moving in and out of my mouth, forced into my hands, the big man is pushing so deep into me i feel like screaming and then he pulls out and i’m moaning around the cock in my mouth, and he pulls my legs up and over my head and i’m uncomfortable and he shifts position and i feel his cock pushing into my ass and i can’t help it i need it i need it and it goes deep into me and now it hurts it hurts so so much and i know master told me it would hurt but it hurts and he pushes so deep and he won’t stop and i want to cry but a new cock is plunging into my mouth, and then he starts fucking my ass, and fucking it, and deep, and i feel something on my pussy, it’s hot and cold and it hurts but it’s good and i am arching again i want it i want him in me and the men are talking and yelling and laughing and then my mouth is full of cum and more cum is hitting my face, and i feel the big man’s cock pump cum inside me, deep inside, and more cum is landing on my body, and then they’re pulling away from me, and i’m lying there crying, they’ve still got my ankles and wrists so i can’t move.

“absolutely fucking brilliant.” “she is impeccable.” “great training.” “she wants it and she doesn’t know why.” “that’s training, that is. that’s instinct now.”

the big man has gone to talk to master. they’ve lowered their voices. the men around me continue talking. “she’s a giver, she is. there’s no hesitation.” “that’s the thing, she would be on you at all hours.” “well you don’t have to give it to her. that’s why i keep, you know, uncles, around.” “that’s why i keep them in the stockade half the time.” “i still think some fight would be nice.” “we know what you like though. all fight.” “the thing is, would she be loyal.” “well how the fuck would she sleep around.” “true.” “i’d make her. there’s no point keeping girls to myself.” “yes but your girls spend most their nights bent over the bar. do they even know you exist.” “so funny. so funny but you’re lining up behind them all the time.” “what can i say, your girls are good. how do you keep them so tight, anyway?”

i’m covered in cum and still gasping for breath. did i pass my assessment? i just want to curl up and sleep.

“gentlemen, speculum.” they shift around and prop my legs up again. i recognise that feeling, every day my training, i instinctively look for the movie to begin, but of course i’m not in my crate right now. it goes in my pussy, and cranks open. and further open. i practise my breathing to let it open all the way. finally it reaches that point. i feel my pussy clench instinctively, so i relax it, consciously, carefully. the big man is inspecting me carefully, his head is between my legs and he’s playing inside me with his fingers, now he’s licking my little button, Master calls it my bad girl button, and i start to cry when i feel the big man doing things to it. he pulls away. “how do you do this with them, she cries when i play with her clit, it’s so excellent, her pleasure comes only from serving.” “it takes time, for sure, but vinegar and choking help a lot.” “fuck you’re good. love your work.” the big man keeps inspecting, calling out colours and numbers which someone else writes down. someone pushes a cock down my throat, and i keep myself occupied with sucking it as well as i can. i’m relieved when the big man doesn’t go back to my bad girl button, and i suck extra carefully to try and show how thankful i am.

the big man stands up and speaks. “right everyone, grade 2s, clear out, grade 1s, stick around for a moment.” the cock i’m sucking rams deep into my throat then pulls out, he must be a grade 2, he rubs it on my lips and cheeks before leaving me. my arms are released, though i won’t move them until i’m told to. the big man is stroking my thighs. people leave the room, talking between themselves, and the big man waits til the door is shut before he speaks again. “well gentlemen, she’s a real treat. there’s no denying it. you’ve excelled this time,” he says to my Master, “you really have”. about three men, besides my Master, are left in the room. they gather around the big man. he quickly pulls the speculum out of me and looks me in the eyes. “finger yourself, slut, both holes, as fast as you can, and don’t stop.”

“yes Sir” i gasp out, and begin fucking myself, one finger in my pussy, one in my ass.

“come on girl, you can do better than that. i want 2 fingers in each hole. now.”

i do it immediately. i feel that my pussy is wetter already, just loving hearing the tone in his voice.

there’s conversation in the room which i can’t hear, and i’m feeling alone on the bed, and i wish i had a fun movie to watch, i like the one when my Master is teaching his two daughters how to sit next to each other so they can both suck his cock and balls. i’m fingering myself over and over again, and keeping my legs spread wide because the big man didn’t say i could move.

finally the door opens again, and everyone except the big man leaves. Master comes over to me and rams his hand against mine so that my fingers go extra deep. “be good, little girl. listen to men and obey them.” he leaves the room. the big man and i are alone.

“fingers out. don’t touch yourself again, ever, unless i say you can.” i pull my fingers out extra quick. i want to please him. i want his cock again. i want to be fucked. i don’t say anything though. i want to obey.

“you’re coming home with me tonight. you’re mine now. do you understand?” he stares down at me.

“yes Sir, i understand.”

“Master. i’m your Master now.”

“yes Master, yes, i understand.”

“do you know why i’m keeping you for myself?”

“… no Master…” i hope i’m going to hear approval.

“because i’ve never met a cunt who so desperately wants nothing more than to be used for a man’s pleasure. you don’t want anything but to serve men, do you. you just want cock. that’s impressive. girls will say it, sluts will say anything, but you know they still hope that a man is going to give THEM pleasure. it doesn’t work like that here, it never will. you actually get pleasure from serving men, and that’s rare. you don’t like getting pleasure the usual way, do you.” he rubs my bad girl button again.

“no Master, no please, i don’t want to be bad!” i whimper and hope he won’t punish me.

he laughs. “delightful. now, how about an ass fucking, i’ll probably make you bleed. what do you say?”

“yes please Master, as long as you will enjoy it, i want you to be happy. and i want to be fucked.”

he laughs again. “so greedy. greedy for slavery. and you’re going to be mine. i’m looking forward to this. i’ve got some movies at home i think you’re going to like, and you and i are going to make some beautiful new ones. now, get up and show me how thankful you are that you’re coming home with me.”

i leap up and wrap my lips around his cock, i lick his balls, i take all of him down my throat, and i feel his fingers grab fistfuls of my hair, and i sigh happily as i taste the cock of my forever Master. when he rams it so hard it makes my eyes water, i am even happier knowing he’s using me and i’m in pain. i can’t wait to go home with him and serve him forever and ever. i think he feels how happy i am, because he cums soon, and when he forces me to lick the last drops off the floor, i can see him smiling, and when he steps on my neck to smear my face in the drops of his cum, i know i’m where i belong.