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Little girl was squirming guiltily in bed when Daddy got home. She knew she was supposed to meet him at the front door, but she had been watching cartoons all afternoon, and she must have fallen asleep. Daddy strode in angrily, and she knew she’d be in trouble. She tried hiding under the blankets, but he pulled them off and threw them on the floor.

“You are being extremely naughty, and you know it. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“…I’m sorry Daddy, but I fell asleep -”

“That’s it? That’s your excuse for not being a good girl and following Daddy’s instructions? You realise that is not good enough!”

“I’m sorry Daddy! I’m so sorry!”

“Sorry isn’t good enough. Across my lap, now.”

Daddy sits down on the edge of the bed, and little girl reluctantly slides across his lap. She’s still wearing her knee-high socks and school skirt, and her lace bra. Daddy flips her skirt up and caresses her buttocks with one hand, and the other hand grips her by the back of the neck.

“I do NOT work hard all day to come home to a daughter who is going to be so lazy and badly behaved, and ignore her Daddy because she’d prefer to stay in bed! I’d give you away to another Daddy if I could, but you’re my girl, and so it’s my job to teach you to behave yourself, and that means I’m going to have to punish you.”

She knows better by now than to ask for any mercy, and braces herself for impact. He starts spanking her, slow and measured, increasing in pressure until she can’t help from crying out. She can feel her buttocks getting hotter and redder, and Daddy caresses them more and more after each spank. Three in a row are so hard that she starts crying.

“I know it hurts, babygirl, but you’ve learnt, haven’t you, to never disobey your Daddy’s instructions again? One more big one, just to make sure you never forget.” He pauses, and as tears trickle out of her eyes and she snuffles to herself, he suddenly spanks her so hard it sounds like a whipcrack. She cries out again, and this time Daddy soothes her.

He bends down and kisses the back of her neck, whispering to her “now now, Daddy loves you, he loves his daughter so much, it hurts me to punish you, too, you know. Shh now, are you going to be good?”

“Yes *sniff* Daddy, *sniff* I promise to be good and always do what you say.”

“There’s a good girl! Now, Daddy is just going to inspect you and make sure his little girl is in top-notch condition.”

He keeps her pinned on his lap, and gently eases his fingers into her pussy, one, then two, then he squeezes three in. “Ooooh, babygirl is very tight today aren’t you! Daddy will have to do something about that.”

He pulls his fingers out, and tries the same on her ass. “Still very tight here, too. I think Daddy will need to stretch this little rosebud quite a bit, won’t he?”

“Yes *gasp* Daddy,” as he starts pistoning his fingers into her ass. “Yes Daddy, yes!”

“Well, daughter of mine, let’s see if you can still obey some instructions! Daddy has a lollipop for you, so, time for you to enjoy it.”

She slides off his knees, and onto her own, and lowers her pink lips down over her Daddy’s cock, sucking it just the way she knows he likes it. Pre-cum starts oozing from her mouth, and Daddy holds her tight against him until she swallows it.

“Good work little girl, Daddy has just what you need, isn’t that right. Go on, keep enjoying your lollipop. I’ll help you.”

And he grips her ponytail tight, pushing her on and off his cock as his Daddy lust grows bigger and bigger. “Daddy needs his little girl… Daddy’s going to fuck his little girl so good… Beg for it baby.”

He pulls his little girl off his cock. “Please Daddy, please give me your big hard cock, I want it so much, I need my Daddy’s cock, please!”

“What a good girl” he says approvingly. “Over the bed, now, quick.”

He holds her face-down on the bed as he thrusts into her little pussy so hard and fast she gasps. He feels her tight pussy grip his cock, and he knows how badly his little babygirl needs to be fucked by her Daddy. He knows there’s no need to hold back, and he starts fucking her so hard she’s squealing and he pulls her head back by her ponytail. “Yes Daddy, I need your cock so much, fuck me Daddy, yes Daddy, it hurts so bad, thank you Daddy!”

He’s so close now, and she’s behaving so well, he wants to reward her, so he pulls out and flings her over onto her back. “Come on you dirty little slut, fucking whore, babygirl, get over here and take your Daddy’s cock deep down your throat, you fucking slut,” and he plunges his cock into her mouth past the gag reflex, and she’s struggling beneath his weight, and he sees the panic in her eyes as he pinches her nose shut, and his little babygirl’s struggles are just what he needs, and he empties his load into her mouth, and won’t pull out until she swallows every drop.

“There you go little girl, Daddy’s taking care of you real good, aren’t I? What do you say, you greedy little girl?”

She’s coughing and her eyes are watering, her pussy is burning and her throat is raw, and she looks up at her Daddy with love in her eyes, and says clearly and respectfully, “Thank you, Daddy.”

“That’s my girl,” he says approvingly. While she’s still recovering, he’s already at his bedside drawer, choosing a buttplug. She may have forgotten, but he hasn’t – he’s stretched out one babygirl hole tonight, but there’s still her ass to break in, and he won’t tolerate any more disobedience – tonight she gets the large one. He pulls out it with a satisfied smile, and turns around to face her. He waves it at her playfully. “Now, babygirl, there’s more you’re going to learn tonight. Get on the bed, and grip your ankles. Don’t be lazy now – don’t make me punish you again.”

He thinks to himself, ‘punishing her again wouldn’t be that bad – I’ve spanked her already, so next I think would be the crop, and this time, it’ll be on her pussy. God, I hope she misbehaves. And if she doesn’t, well, I’m sure I’ll find a reason.’ He smiles to himself, picturing her swollen, dripping, freshly waxed cunt, with bright red crop marks on it. ‘Tonight’s going to be a good night, no matter what.’