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One of those wonderful experiences which is overwhelmingly physical AND mental in impact. Being strapped and buckled in by my husband, locked with a padlock, feeling the leather cut into my tender pussy lips, and rub on my clitoris — it hits all my physical hot spots, and is extremely constricting and uncomfortable. Amazing! Psychologically, it is a clear sign of ownership, where Master takes the key with him and I’m left with no access to my own pussy or ass. And humiliatingly (and delightfully), it creates the illusion of my sluttiness being so out of control that my husband must lock down my need for a cock in my holes. He can’t trust his wife – not because she is unfaithful, but because she’s such a whore for serving cock that she can’t think straight. I only wish that when he did buckle me in, he could make the control absolute – a chain from chastity belt, to collar, to bedhead, and me there all day, waiting for him to return from work and set me free to serve again.

(and yes, when there’s one or both of a butt plug and a dildo lodged deep inside my holes too, it makes it even better!)