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2 nights ago, we fucked like crazy with that reluctant sex, and then we talked about it the next day, checking we were thinking the same way about the ‘consensual non-consensual’ nature of it, which we were.

1 night ago, he messed with me like crazy, pushing me to realise again how much of a slut I am. It was late at night, I was drifting off to sleep, and then he started playing with my nipples, which turns me on instantly, though I really wanted to sleep. He didn’t fuck me immediately – he touched and feathery-light-teased my pussy lips over and over again, making me moan and shiver, and rubbing my nipples, then finally gently easing his cock into me. He fucked me in every position, always keeping me in a headspace of pleasure and intoxication, shifting me from one position to another whenever I started getting sore – making it last forever, making me quiver and stay wet the whole time, reminding me constantly how much of a slut I was for being so ready for him. Which is entirely true! Finally he ended with pushing the head of his cock gently into my ass, just far enough for me to start hurting, and then he pulled out.

It sounds so romantic, doesn’t it??? The fucking was beautiful and sensuous, he stayed in control the entire time, yet at the same time, he showed me clearly how my pleasure does count as well. And as he reminded me at the end – the whole thing proved, yet again, how he knows when’s the right time to fuck me, and that I can trust him to use me the way I need to be used. Plus, of course, that I’m such a slut, and he loves that I’m HIS slut.

Tonight I don’t know quite what to expect, but I do know that I can expect him to own my body, whether he uses me or not.