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Do you want to hear something interesting?

If a husband with a massive cock and 3 butt plugs of varying size, decides to train his wife to accept his cock in her tiny ass, on and off over the course of 3 years, eventually she becomes such a slut for being ass-fucked that even after months off, he can pin her to the mattress, force his cock down her ass, and she’ll take three quarters of it with no more lube than her pussy juices, and he can fuck her as fast as in her cunt, and she might scream and struggle to get away, he may have to pin her arms behind her back and growl at her “silence slut, you know you’re enjoying this aren’t you, tell me how much you love it”, and although she might keep crying out “no, no Master, please” …

In spite of all that, she’ll take his cock easily in her ass, and he’ll be very proud of her, and she’ll be quite surprised at her ability to take it, and he’ll decide that anal sex is definitely now part of their regular sex life and he can’t wait to hear her crying again, or so he tells her.

Anal training is not really required for me right now, I’m officially a very well-trained slut, submission and obedience always is still required though, and admitting to myself how much I love being forced to accept painful anal sex and that to be really honest, it’s not pure pain, there’s a lot of pleasure there, and when I beg for it, I really want it. Mission accomplished I guess, Master successfully trained me to take his cock in my ass and I can expect it any time.

*happy happy happy happy slave wife*