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So I tried to write a series of posts about this topic, since it’s something I know a lot of you are interested in.

But everything was specific to my relationship, and how I need to be controlled, and how I can derive pleasure from slavery.

Each slave, each person, is different. Definitely each wife is different!!!

Not to mention, when I talk about training someone to be your sex slave, I assume we all know that consent is paramount, respect is earnt, trust is fundamental, and really, she is still an individual with rights – rape is still rape, abuse is still abuse.

But I worry that there are plenty of people visiting my site, who have a nilla wife, and honestly believe that there is some way to turn her into a 100% submissive obedient docile sex slave, possibly by invoking Jesus Christ, possibly by telling her women are naturally inferior to men. Two stupid and inaccurate approaches, btw!

Anyway, that’s just not going to happen! Just like you couldn’t possibly turn me into a 100% vanilla “no rough stuff please!” boring missionary person! Not going to happen!

So, what’s there to say about training a submissive wife? I’ve said some stuff about it before, and I think I will write a few more posts – but purely about MY experience. As usual, YMMV!