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Welp, we watched it last weekend. I dressed up in my new lace bra and g-string, put on the movie, cuddled up next to Master, and then …

… the movie was absolutely no help at all. Whenever we paid attention to it, we’d be practically yelling in irritation at the screen. “how is that being a dom???” “where’s the aftercare??” “3 spanks???”

so we left it on the tv, for ambient lighting in the room if nothing else, and occupied ourselves elsewhere.

Master’s hands were all over my breasts, pinching and rubbing my nipples til I was squirming in arousal, then he directed me to take his cock in my mouth, which I did very happily. Then we’d watch a bit of the movie, then I found a better gstring to put on, then he fingered my ass, then he pushed my mouth down on his cock again. Then a bit more of the movie, then, “present to me, slut”, so I was on all fours with my face pressed into the bed, and he began pushing the medium nJoy butt plug into me, and I struggled too much so he pinned me down and pushed it in as my screams were muffled by the mattress. We lay back down together, and he teased me mercilessly with fucking me with the plug and playing with my nipples, until he finally said, “give me that cunt”, and then the fucking really began.

And then I had to clean him off with my mouth, and then we’d fuck some more, and then more oral, and at some point he put the vibrator on the plug which was pure torture, and then he pulled out the plug, and followed it up with his cock, and oh my god and after he pulled out I begged him to do it more, and then I begged him to stop and I screamed around the ball gag he strapped on me, and he thrust into me so hard and I struggled and he pinned me down and oh my god it was so fucking good I nearly died.

So, thanks 50 shades. I have no clue what happens in the movie but I can tell you that this little slave had one of the best nights ever just by avoiding watching it.