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This is always a big one for me. Wife-sharing is an interesting phrase, too – it’s not just swinging, or polyamoury, it’s quite intentionally pointing out that it’s husbands sharing wives – people who are contracted to each other for life, and one of them decides to share the other one around, simply because they want to. And the one being shared has no recourse because after all, they signed a contract. And sharing is such a benign, friendly concept, that it erases any sense of the humiliation or loss of control on the part of the wife – it’s centred entirely on the husband. The act of wife-sharing is controlled entirely by the husband.

So wife-sharing is when my husband and I are out for dinner, and we run into a friend of his. We’re chatting nicely the three of us, and his friend ruefully admits that it’s been a while since he went out with a woman. We commiserate, and then my husband startles me by suggesting with a laugh that his friend make use of me. Then his friend reaches out and fondles my breast, again laughingly commenting on how good I feel and how it sounds like a good idea. My husband grips me by the back of my neck and pushes me at his friend, saying to him that half an hour should do it, and he’ll go have a drink while he waits. I start to argue but my husband laughs at me and says to behave myself. Be generous, he says. Don’t you like my friend, he asks. Don’t embarrass me, he says. Remember who you belong to, he says. His friend meanwhile grabs my wrists in one hand and drags me off, cheerily saying goodbye to my husband.

His friend takes me to his home and proceeds to fuck my mouth, my pussy, my mouth, my pussy, my pussy some more, and finally he takes great joy in discovering how much of his cock can fit in my ass. The tone of this whole experience is one of absolute shock, and absolute subjugation. My husband’s friend carefully arranges me how he wants me, and if I protest he just pushes his cock down my throat to silence me, reminding me not to disappoint my husband. He comments on how my husband has often said that I am so slutty in the bedroom, and he can’t wait to see what I’m like. He’s never angry or abusive, he’s simply overpowering me and he feels so entitled to take what he wants that I am incapable of resisting him.

His cock is different, his style is different, and he likes to kiss me, to stroke my body, to arouse me and then to fuck me and through it all to comment on me, my behaviour, my reactions, I can’t relax if I even tried, as I’m too busy hearing his perception of me and feeling humiliated by his opinions and judgements on me. Maybe he tells me I’m too stiff, and he pushes my legs back over my head and then approvingly tells me that see, I am a loose cunt, he knew it all along. When I choke on his cock, he shakes his head at me, tells me I can do better, pinches my nose closed and forces his cock down past my gag reflex, digging into my nipple with his fingernails and saying again so approvingly that my husband will be so proud to hear that I took his whole cock.

In the one moment early on when I do manage to protest and say no, this isn’t what I want, please stop, perhaps he even does stop, look at me surprised, and asks what do I expect to tell my Master? And in that moment I realise that my consent doesn’t matter here because this is what my husband expects of his submissive wife, and so I give up, and lean over and take his cock in my mouth, and he delightedly says how proud my Master will be of his little slut, his little whore, and I shut my eyes and take his cock down my throat even more deeply, and he pushes a finger in my ass, and I moan with enjoyment, and how is it humiliating to serve a man who my Master has given me to? I offer myself up to the experience, to this man, and when my Master comes to collect me, I’m so happy when they DP me before we go home.

Can a slut like me ever truly be humiliated? In a marriage where the wife’s role is to obey her husband and serve him sexually however he sees fit, can wife-sharing like this be anything more than fair and reasonable?