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Just some thoughts, as I believe Master is preparing to start this again with me. Best I prepare myself too! I wouldn’t want to disappoint. So, here is my perspective.

My first thought is – anal training comes in 2 parts – physical and psychological.

Yet at the same time, anal training is actually unnecessary.

How so?

Well, physical training means stretching my ass to make it easy for Master’s cock to slide into me whenever he wants. It means every night using a butt plug for a period of time to stretch me, and often once the plug is pulled out, his cock pushed right into me to train my hole to accept the rapid thrusting of a long thick cock, for a decent amount of time.

Psychological training means me accepting and never questioning that my ass is not just my Master’s whenever he wants, but even every single night, for him to manipulate, to push and to use, and that anything I feel is nothing more than what my role is to accept.

But what exactly is the aim? Is it to make me perfectly complacent and willing to have anal sex whenever my partner wants? In which case, careful structured training of my body will make that straightforward. And then there’s no challenge – it’d be as simple as getting a kiss, a hug, anal sex. And if it doesn’t affect my body at all, then is the psychological training even relevant and achievable?

Isn’t the aim rather to have a sweet little slave girl who denies her Master nothing, not even her tender, sore ass which is still not entirely capable of taking his thick, long cock – an obedient if scared little slave who knows it may happen at any time, or not at all, and that when it does, it may hurt, because he takes it when he wants it, and not when she is ready for it. Obedience to my Master’s needs means my needs are subsumed to his, not met first. My need to deny him access to fucking my ass? That need doesn’t even exit. Anal sex is painful, controlling, humiliating, and only like this is it 100% effective at reminding me I am HIS to use.

So, training is not about getting to an end goal, a destination marked “perfectly easy anal sex whenever you want it, sweetheart!” It’s about always being expected to submit, from day 1 of “training”, regardless of whether my ass is stretched enough to take his cock, or a large butt plug overnight.

It’s about realising that from now on, no matter how tight my ass may be, when he tells me he’s going to fuck it, the only option for me is to get on my stomach, spread my ass cheeks wide, and say “thank you Master” when it’s over. And because I love every moment of this relationship, both he and I know my pussy will be wet at the end of it, because I don’t want careful training – I want to obey, and I need to be controlled and TAKEN.