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so we’re exploring some new ways to play with my body and push me to even higher heights during sex. this has been great fun, and i think it has triggered in my Master a need to reinforce what my role in this relationship really IS. in case you forgot, it’s to be available for his cock whenever he wants, to accept him in my holes without question, and to submit to whatever sexual need he has. (with all requisite safewords and love and tenderness of course!)

so i’ve noticed a shift in intensity in our dynamic, and it’s been exciting and challenging to say the least! we’ll be playing with my body, carefully discussing what exactly is happening in me and my level of arousal, and then he’ll grab me by the throat, kneel up above me, and face fuck me, and from that point on my cunt will be wetter than before and he’ll be growling at me about what a fucking whore i am and i’ll be getting wetter and then he’ll move to my other two holes and the night gets extremely intense.

i have to admit that stroking and tickling of my pussy and clit is all very nice, but it’s to my abject humiliation that i admit my cunt gushes the most when i’m being treated like a whore whose only role is to be treated like a collection of holes.

and i also have to admit that my Master knows this fact – and he uses it very effectively to keep me exactly where i belong. (and in the meantime, he’s also finding ways to torture my clit even more effectively goddamn him!!!) humiliation, arousal, and being treated like a whore. me in a nutshell!