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Involves an ageplay Daddy figure training a youngster up until she’s ready to be given to her Master. In my fantasy the Daddy figure is some nameless faceless older man, very stern, who demands absolute obedience from his little girl, in order to train her absolutely perfectly. Her training involves a lot of time in a cage, on all fours in front of him, being fucked morning and night to ensure she never rests without realising her role as a good cunt. He teaches her to deepthroat, to swallow, to beg for cock, to be always naked in high heels so uncomfortable she prefers to be on her knees. She learns to welcome him home with her legs spread, and is scared to leave him for her new Master.

Because I’m a romantic, when she first meets her new Master, he takes the time to get to know her as a person, and they fall in love. Awww! But of course he realises that he can’t let her training lapse, as she will start refusing him and falling into bad habits. So he trains her twice as hard for the first few weeks, to make sure she doesn’t get lazy. He keeps her in the cage most of the day, with carefully positioned holes for fucking her through. He forces her to watch videos of her and Daddy, and her and Master, whenever he’s out of the house, so she doesn’t forget her place. He keeps her holes plugged when he’s not home, and any sign of disobedience, even brattiness, is punished with breast torture and sensory deprivation and too big plugs and fucking machines. She (me? perhaps) learns to obey absolutely, not to risk any hesitation or questioning. And once he sees that love won’t get in the way of her obedience, he brings her out of the cage, and she can sleep in bed with him. In shackles, collar, fully plugged, and at the foot of the bed, but, in bed nonetheless.

He allows her to venture out of the bedroom, under his close supervision. Any time he’s sitting, she’s to give him oral, and any time he gets out of his seat, she’s to follow him on hands and knees. He brings her onto the couch with him periodically, watching TV and chatting about his day. Sometimes she eats at the table with him, sometimes she has to suck him off while he eats and only then does she get to eat, on the floor.