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I’ve been posting a lot on my Tumblr while home sick. I’ve been indulging in porn like crazy. I’ve been reminded of all the elements that turn me on and get me wet just thinking about them. And I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am to have a Master who has similar kinks and overall who believes in what I believe in.

Girls who are being fucked until they are in pain. Even if it’s just fake porn pain, though even better when it’s amateur BDSM couples like me and Master, videoing her training, particular anal training. The moments when she wants it to stop, and he calls her back to him – force is damned hot, but so is watching a little girl move her body back to her Master’s cock so that he can push it deep into her ass again, and the look on her face of painful concentration and dread – the look I know I have in the exact same situations. “Who owns this ass?” “You do, Master, it belongs to you.” The tone of his voice as he tells her she’s a good girl, and grips her around the hips and waist, pulls her to him, deeper onto his cock, the noises she makes as she resists, and then as he leans over her, fucking her ass faster now, one hand gripping the back of her neck, the other holding her ass in place, as he fucks her over and over, and she is squirming and moaning and he just keeps saying “good girl, feel that in your ass?” and other such endearments. I’ve found a few of those videos, and I LOVE them.

The still shots, often black and white, which shows a girl dressed very sexily, in a position which illuminates her absolute submission and powerlessness. Sexy dressing includes absolute nudity, stockings and garters, sky-high heels, rope bondage, little girl outfits, a glittering butt plug, cuffs, collars, gags, bondage straps. Positions often are head down, ass up, legs spread, fingers spreading pussies, mouth open, eyes closed. One of my favourite of these is the classic fully-dressed-Master who is receiving oral from his slave. Bonus points here for when his hand is tightly enmeshed in her hair, pinning her in place. Another favourite is her over his lap, him spanking or caressing her ass, or even better, gripping her firmly with fingers deep in her cunt or ass, or both. Holding her in place.

This all adds up to a girl’s role being to serve, submit, obey, give in. That’s what I try my hardest to do for my Master, my husband, and his non-stop libido! Such as last night, when my husband said to me “no slut, you can’t go to sleep yet, I haven’t finished with you. Get on your stomach and hold your asscheeks apart. I’m going to fuck your ass for a while.” So horrible, so excellent. “Why do you like what I do to you?” he asked me over and over again, making me get more and more specific, until he had me sobbing “because I’m a slut, Master, I’m a slut, I’m your slut.” “And you love cock.” “Your cock, Master.” “No, you love any cock. You would take any cock, you’re so hungry for it.” How mean is that! So mean that when he began fucking my cunt again, he pointed out how wet I had become just acknowledging that I’m nothing but a cock-hungry slut.

Which I am. Which is why even when I’m home sick, he’s finding plenty of opportunities to use the njoy on my ass, a killer vibe on my very sensitive clit, his cock in my cunt, and his cock in my ass. Which I think I’ll beg for tonight – more anal sex – because I’m a cock-hungry slut and I’m desperate to be treated like one.