Christ I have been so sick on and off over the past 6 weeks. Just disgusting. The sort of sick that makes any kind of dirty touching just repulsive. My njoy arrived at some point, and it took us 2 weeks before we could even use it. Then I got sick again. And I’m sick now. And I’m insanely horny, and unable to act on it. Yes, I’m bent over – but it’s over a toilet. And yes, I’m in bed – but I’m feverish. And my heavy breathing? Due to extremely congested sinuses.

That being said, the njoy is worth every penny. Feels very heavy inside, feels very controlling as he fucks my cunt while my ass is still being stretched. Some random quotes from the few times we’ve managed to have sex recently: (after I’ve begged ‘orange’ safeword from so much cunt-fucking) “… okay, now, on your stomach. I’m going to fuck your ass.” And then there was “I know my cock is choking you, and I just don’t care. I want to feel the back of your throat.”