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we turned off the tv last night, rolled over in bed, and he pulled me to him and began twisting and pinching at my nipples, which are insanely sensitive. i was shuddering and gasping, and he pushed his cock into my pussy, and began fucking me. irritatingly though he never really sped up and REALLY fucked me. i started to worry. perhaps he was bored of fucking me so frequently recently? maybe he was annoyed at having to fuck me again 😦

he says to me “what do you want from me tonight?”

me – “stammer – stutter – stammer – ummmm”

he repeats – “what do you want?”

me – “two things … i want you to stop holding back and … i want you to fuck my ass … i want you to fuck my ass every night”

we discuss this for a bit, and then he flips me onto my stomach and proceeds to fuck me hard, deep, fast, etc etc …

then he pulls out, and immediately pushes the head of his cock into my ass. no lube, just my cunt juice. he fucks me quickly like that, not too much of his cock, but fast and rhythmic, i’m in the flow, it’s not too bad.

he pulls out again, gets the lube, and with a hand in the middle of my back pinning me to the bed, says “now i’m REALLY going to fuck you. you’re going to get this every night.” and he lunges right deep into my ass with his seriously fucking huge cock, so i scream, but he’s got my face in my pillow so i’m screaming and screaming into my pillow, he pulls out almost all the way then rams right back in.

and suddenly i just give in, i realise that this will be what i feel every night now, and i relax my ass, and give my hole to him, and spread my legs, he chuckles at me “what do you want, slut?”

“i want you to fuck my ass, please master please, fuck my ass”

he fucks and fucks and fucks me while i’m lying there limp and not resisting at all. finally he pulls out, and while i’m gasping for air and feeling my ass muscles spasming uncontrollably, he suddenly is pushing the metal bejewelled butt plug into me, and i pull away from him but he grabs a fistful of my hair and wrenches me backwards, and i’m trying to adjust and while i’m trying to get my balance back he rams the plug in, and says “that’s staying in all night”.

and it did … and i’m now going to turn off the computer and join him in bed. wish me luck. xoxoxoxo ass-slut, submissive-wife, whore, fucktoy …