Good god, does it really need to be said?

Demand obedience, cause pain, take advantage, push further, stifle dissent, ignore refusal, grab my hair, choke my neck, spread my legs, take my holes.

And when it’s over?

Hold me, caress me, soothe me, love me, hug me, envelop me, embrace me, hold me close, spread my legs, and do it all over again.

When I’m begging for more?

Make it rougher, push me further, choke me longer, fuck me deeper, make me bleed, make me cry, slap my face, smack my ass, cut off my breath, rape my ass, push past my tears, hold me down, cum on my face.

In the shower?

A gentle finger fuck, your balls in my mouth, your foot on my neck, my face pressed to the ground, knowing my place.

In bed for sleep?

Your collar on my throat, your plugs in my ass and cunt, your chastity belt controlling my holes, your cock in my mouth, your whispers in my ear.

If you do all of this in one night … you’ll absolutely break me, but I won’t stop you.