Here’s what I’m looking forward to.

(Of course you realise “looking forward to” means “I want it to happen to me because it’s so degrading and horrible and actually when it happens I’ll hate it but I want it to happen because I know I’ll be so wet and how twisted am I that’s just so disgusting but I want it to happen to me and I hope it happens when I don’t want it so I have to submit and I want to submit no matter what”)

  1. Being fucked in the ass
  2. Wearing my collar to bed
  3. Being bent over the bed at short notice for fucking
  4. Saying “no not right now” and have him say “yes right now” and fuck me before I realise I do want it
  5. Being chained to the floor by his bed awaiting his cock
  6. Being locked in the cage with all holes plugged
  7. Being face-fucked with my head hanging off the edge of the bed

Oh wait #7 happened last night. A new #7 will have to be … ?