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We’re cuddling, it’s 11pm, I’m tired, the lights and TV are off, and I start to drift off, only to be told “I’m going to fuck you tonight, y’know.”

My breathing changes immediately. I can feel my cunt get wet.

“Hand on my cock, now.”

I stroke him until he’s hard. It only takes about 10 seconds.

He runs his hand over my head, grabs my hair, wrenches my neck back, and then pushes my torso down the bed. He lines up his cock with my cunt, and rams in, letting go of my hair to grab my hips and wrench me back towards him and force his cock right in.

My slippery cunt takes it so easily. “Mm-hmm” he grunts in appreciation. He knows I need to be taken, no consent requested, if I’m to truly enjoy the sex.

I need to be fucked.

And he fucks me. With absolutely no care for me other than positioning me where he wants me. Face down, his hand pushing my head into the pillow, other hand pushing my back, I’m on my knees so my cunt lines up and he is controlling my body absolutely.

He rams his cock into me like he wants to hurt me. “Try to get away, slut.”

I try. I can scarcely move an inch. Suddenly I NEED to get away. I push, I pull, I strain, and through it all he speeds up, bends over me and rams hard into me, forces me flat on the bed, “you can’t get away, but your wet cunt tells me you don’t want to. You need to be taken like this. You know I own you.”

I can tell he’s going to cum soon. I collapse under him, acknowledging my role as fucktoy for my husband. I wait to feel him explode inside me.

He doesn’t. He pulls out. “Clean me off, slut.” I bring him into my mouth. “Back of the throat, now.” I take it deeper. He pumps into my mouth, into my throat. Pushes his fingers into my cunt. Feels I’m even wetter. He knows what I need – slams my head down onto his cock until I can’t breathe, forces more fingers into my cunt, then pulls them out and starts stretching open my ass.

Pulls his cock out of my mouth. Gets me on my stomach again.

You can guess what happens next.