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…than being cleaned off in the shower after intense rough fucking …

… his fingers stroking between my cunt lips. My hands up on the shower wall. His hands caressing my breasts. His fingers pushing my cunt lips apart. His knee between my legs, pushing my cunt further open. His finger deep in my ass, pinioning me in place. His breath hot on my neck. His cock in my cunt.

And what’s particularly filthy but I just can’t help it is – I feel his cock scraping into my raw, sore cunt, and the pain feels so good, and he knows it, and he knows to go rougher, and by the time we’re back on the bed, he just says “get into position” and I know for the fourth time that night my cunt is going to be used for his pleasure.

I’m exhausted, I’m scarcely cleaned up, I know I’m about to be ripped apart by his cock, and when he says “safe word?” I just say “whatever you want, Master.”

I sense his delight as he speeds up, goes deeper, and fucks me while I cry. And when he cums, I swear the joy spears deep inside me, pulling the pain into my heart and bringing me relief and satisfaction that I have fulfilled my role of being hurt to provide pleasure.