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Begging for pain. My cunt has been really sore,  so we’ve taken a small break, but are both dying to get back into it. So tonight I suggest we play with the butt plug and chastity belt. That’s where we start, at least. 
Then he unbuckles me, flips me onto my stomach, hoists my ass up, and starts guiding his cock in. It takes time, but slowly we get there. Then he can sense I’m in pain, so he pulls out, tells me it’s ok, we are stopping now. Snuggles and spoons me. Then wraps his arm tight around my throat. Pushes his cock back in. And just rests there. I am in pain. And he knows it. Relax, he says. Relax. I am resentful, but force myself to relax because, my logic goes, this will show him I am obedient and he will do nice things to me. I relax. My cunt stops hurting. He says, he will fall asleep in this position.
I hesitate but finally blurt out, can you please fuck me a bit more, Master. He is no fool. You want to feel used, don’t you, he asks as he wrenches my head back with a grip in my hair and begins fucking me fast and deep. Yes, I squeal, yes please use me Master.
He fucks me crazy hard, my cunt is sopping wet and I am pushing back into him, and he fucks me like a whore, and oh my god my cunt feels better now that I’ve been treated like a fuckslut so it just goes to show that when I’m obedient, and used, and owned, and taken to the point of pain, that’s when i am the best
possible cunt I could be.