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This is the instruction he gives me as he is fucking me from behind. He’s had me on my stomach, pinned my arms behind my back, and he’d got the perfect angle to thrust right into the core of me. I’d been totally helpless, unable to push or pull away from him, and so I had just sagged into submission, feeling my thighs get wet from his cock pulling all the way out so he could just rip me right open again.

Then he’s hoisted me up by my hips so that I’m balancing on my knees. I push myself up on my hands to be on all fours, but he angrily slams my head back down into the pillow, face-first, and grabs my hands to force them onto the back of my head so again, I have no ability to push back against him. I feel how vulnerable I am as my ass is pushing up and displaying my holes to him, and I can scarcely breathe but I can feel his satisfaction with this new angle as he pulls my pussy lips wide until I fear I will tear. I moan into the pillow and hear in response, “just be a good cunt”. He jams his thumb into my ass, lets go of my lips, then two fingers in my ass, and as I’m gasping for breath he’s plunged again deep into my cunt, and now he fucks me so hard, so fast, “you love this, don’t you, just being my slut, I can feel how wet your cunt is getting,” and he’s ramming into me and I’m burning and sopping wet and dying for more and I’m just being a cunt, and I love it.