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Two weeks ago we were in bed, finally getting back to the headspace.

He started by putting the hood on me. At which point my cunt starts getting wet, guaranteed. He checked – stroked between my pussy lips, and approvingly remarked, “just a slut, still, I see.” He then put the bondage opera gloves on me, and the posture collar, he put the penis gag in my mouth, the spreader bar on my ankles, and pinioned my arms above my head. Take a moment to let that image sink in. Me, hooded and gagged, unable to see or speak, arms encased in leather, strapped above my head, and legs spread obscenely wide, cunt entirely exposed.

Soon to be more exposed, as he eased into my cunt the speculum, and began to open me up. I love this moment because it’s so hard to have a good physical experience – it opens me up, I get tense, it hurts, he opens me more, it hurts more, I try to relax, I can’t, he opens me more, I panic, I tense, it hurts, he opens me more, I get frantic from discomfort and exposure, and then he usually opens me up just a bit more. I’m by now panting around the penis gag, willing my cunt muscles to relax just a bit, and often failing miserably at this.

He enjoys my discomfort, pops out the gag, and pushes his cock down my throat, fucking my face for a few moments while twisting my nipples so hard I feel they’re about to rip off. I am still desperately trying to relax my cunt, trying to stay in a good position, trying to swallow his cock, trying to be a good girl.

He pulls out of my mouth, puts the gag back in, and goes to inspect my cunt. Many humiliating comments are made, pointing out just how wet I am, how red my lips are as I’m clearly so turned on, how I must love being treated like a whore because my cunt wants to be fucked so hard. He plays inside my cunt, tickling me with a finger, pinching at my clitoris. I’m breathing hard and feeling like a total slut, on display and loving it.

He finally relents and takes the speculum out; needless to say this is driven not by some chivalrous impulse, but rather a desire to rape the fuck out of me as he unbuckles my ankles, positions himself between my legs, raises me up slightly for the best position for him, and then fucks me horribly well, going as deep as he can every time, going extra fast and extra hard til he is panting as well. I’m still in the hood, the gag, and my arms are still pinioned overhead. I couldn’t get out of my head how I must look to him, and I felt so humiliated, knowing that just an hour earlier we had been having simply innocent cuddling in bed, and yet THIS, being used like a hole for his cock’s entertainment, was more effective at arousing my libido; that I needed to be debased and hurt to get turned on. That he knew it – and was taking advantage of it. He slapped my breasts, over and over; pushed into me deep – and then further – and further still til I was screaming around the gag – and then he fucked me deep to that point over and over again, telling me take it, that I deserved it. And I just got wetter.

How could I not. I am just his slut, nothing more.