It’s really hard, because I feel like just starting writing again without explaining my long absence is a jarring experience for my readers, and implies a level of deception – “where did she go? are we supposed to believe nothing changed in the last few months? is she just lying to us?”

But to explain what’s happened in the last few months would mean sharing information that I feel could identify myself in some way, and I can only post here knowing I am 110% anonymous. That involves altering some of the mundane details of my life (lying) to make sure I can’t be found. E.g. I say I have purple hair, but I actually have pink hair. If I were to tell the story of the last few months, to be honest would be to break too many of my self-imposed rules of anonymity and privacy.

So, I might start writing again, and I won’t really explain other than this:

“Things got really hectic for the past few months, and our sex life took a back seat, and I got out of the headspace, and now we’re getting back into it.”

Missed you all 🙂