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husband returned home last night at 1:30am. i was totally asleep. he crept into bed for some quick hugs and kisses good night with me. he discovered the butt plug on his pillow. what quickly eventuated was him making various sounds of surprise and delight before promptly rolling me onto my stomach, spreading my ass cheeks wide, sliding that plug deep into me, and then pinning my wrists to the bed while sliding his cock deep into my cunt. his weight pressing into me, my fogged up still half asleep brain, his cock thrusting over and over again into my cunt which was still wet from that evening’s fantasies while waiting for him … he noticed how wet i was, and correctly suspected that i was totally begging for this kind of treatment, he hoisted me up onto all fours, rammed into me hard and fast like he was paying by the minute, and then, in a crazy sexy hot move that won’t make sense unless you are me, he ripped my arms out from under me, forced my face into the pillow, held me there with a hand on the back of my head, gripped my hips with the other hand, and fucked me brutally – such a nice word, and in this case, so fucking appropriate. if i tried to jerk away, he’d slide out just enough to be able to really ram back in and make me yelp with pain. if i tried to position myself better to find the right angle, he’d plough in so deep that i would just scream into the pillow and give up on finding any improvement in sensation. he pulled my nipples down into the mattress, forcing me lower and lower, and then he pounded down and into me from an even meaner angle. i was gasping and headspaced out and just totally insane from this, loving what he was doing but feeling so out of control. he finally – FINALLY – pulled out, and as i rolled over into a foetal position and took deep wracking breaths to try and recover, he dragged me back into position, pulled out the butt plug, and placed the head of his cock right at my asshole. held my arms behind my back, and slowly, very slowly, very calmly, he pushed into me, and i just collapsed into it, i think i was leaking tears and just beyond all of this.

at that point he pulled out. praised me to heaven and back – for not fighting him as he prepared to fuck my ass as i lay there exhausted and in pain – for asking to be used in the first place – for making myself wet for him – for obeying so perfectly and being so wonderful, i think were his exact words 🙂

he held me, and stroked me, and patted me, and lulled me back to sleep.

day #2 starts in 1 hour when we turn off game of thrones and i push my cunt lips onto his cock head and ask him to please fuck his slave girl …