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he’s still not home yet! i’m lying in bed …

… thinking about rules. rules come and go in our relationship, and recently we’ve been VERY lax. but i think i’m going to institute some new rules. for my own benefit. and he’ll love the result. these include:

  1. offer myself to him every night. subtly or obviously. but be clearly available. do this for at least 1 week. this should double or triple the amount of sex we’re having. i will do this in particular on the evenings i can’t be bothered – i will push myself, and see what happens.
  2. when he does fuck me, ask him to push me further. whatever he does to me, find a way to ask for more. this is to push boundaries and find new depravities to enjoy together. again – i should do this in particular when i want to stop – find a way to keep going, to push through and find a new world of intensity and submission.
  3. explicitly ask him to control me more. he’s gone easy on me for the last fortnight because i’ve been a bit *ahem* sick down there. everything is back to normal now, so we’ve been casually getting it on again, but he is going easy on me. by explicitly asking him to use me fully and totally, i will humiliate myself, and place myself directly and unavoidably under his thumb. he’ll recognise that i’m pretty much begging to be controlled and used, and that’ll only bring on more of his evil dominant side.

okay that’s an insane list. so let’s simplify this somewhat.

  1. offer myself every night.
  2. beg him explicitly for more.
  3. be active in slavery – receive, accept, and open my legs wider even as it hurts.

tonight, i start this by simply leaving the butt plug on his pillow. like a mint in a fancy hotel, but in this case, the housecleaner is dressed like a total whore and is lying in bed awaiting her customer to fuck her senseless.