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The fantasies I have been entertaining recently are nowhere near as articulate and well-read.

They involve his hands on my mouth, my breasts, between my legs, his voice murmuring evil things in my ears, his body controlling mine and effortlessly turning me to a wobbly-legged light-headed creature just begging to be tortured and tormented by him.

To be precise they also involve a butt plug, an under-bust corset, impossibly high heels, our car parked in a secluded spot, me bent over the hood, him fingering my cunt roughly, too many fingers right from the start, forcing me open, my nipples hardening under my thin top in the cold wind, him hiking up my short skirt just enough to push in the plug, through my crotchless panties, and then quickly following that with his cock deep into my cunt, ploughing into me while i am bent over, uncomfortable, cold, shivering, then on the ground on all fours, my breasts hanging down and him fucking me hard and fast to cum quickly, leaving me gasping …

… and then back in the car, the plug still in, and him handing me a birthday present – i open it up, and find a brand new vibrator inside, and i’m to fuck myself with it while he drives us home, he wants to see it disappearing into my cunt, and once he’s decided i’ve had enough, he pulls out the plug, and tells me to fuck my ass with the vibe, and as i struggle to do so, he pulls into the driveway at home, and i’ve only gotten 1 or 2 inches inside me, he pulls it out, brings me inside, and begins the whole night again, in bed, and starts off by replacing the vibe with his cock …

(btw i am impatiently awaiting his return from a night out. endlessly fantasising to myself and waiting for him to return home!)