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Interestingly our Western culture’s expectation that “no” means “yes” and that women just need furious wooing to finally submit to romantic love and sexual submission, actually provides much fodder for burgeoning libidos like ours to be inspired by.

For me, it was Clark Gable knowingly laughing at Scarlet’s protestations of decency, and kissing her while Atlanta burned.

Right now I am watching him kiss her to try and banish any thought of Ashley Wilkes. “I want you to faint. This is what you were meant for. None of those fools you ever married kissed you like this.” Actually notable for a lack of consensuality, yet also notable for Clark Gable overcoming the lass and making my heart swoon.

John Malkovich demanding restitution from Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons, while also masterfully seducing a virginal Uma Thurman and transforming her into a horny teenager. Sexual prowess being paraded only as hand-in-hand with incisive wit and sarcasm.

My kind of men 🙂