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recently Master told me he wanted me to play ‘top’ him for an evening, which is something he likes from time to time. it’s not full bdsm style, just, tie him up and tease him sexually until i release him and he devours me! fun 🙂 so, i tied him up, rode him ever so slowly, kept pulling back, was generally a real tease … then i untied him.

he was very happy, and we cuddled, and i said to him something like “just to be clear, i know you’re horny now, and you’re my Master, so you decide whether or not you fuck me.” he told me he knew – as he slid his still rock hard cock into my greedy, wet cunt. he began fucking me from behind, and as we got into the rhythm of it, he told me, “it’s time to remember what your role really is.”

this was the warning that it was about to get very rough, and i was about to feel very owned. first he dragged me to the side of the bed til my head fell over the edge, and he proceeded to fuck my mouth right down my throat in that position, i was squirming and overwhelmed. then he flung me onto my stomach, pinned my arms behind my back, and used his position above me to crush me into the mattress and make me incapable of even squirming away while he fucked me very, very hard.

after a while he seemed to realise i was on the verge of breaking down, and he pulled out, but didn’t tell me to move – so i stayed in that position, as i felt the head of his cock press into my ass. it had been weeks since we last had anal sex, so i felt very apprehensive, but i expected he would go slow to ease me back into it.

surprisingly enough, this was not the case. he pushed steadily into my ass, and i felt him stretch me wide open. he pulled back, and i thanked god mentally for that, and then he slowly pushed back in, and i thought – okay, i can handle this – and then he kept pushing further and further in, and i was whimpering “no, no, no” over and over, of course i didn’t safeword because there was nothing destructive here, just horribly intense, and he went so far in that i just collapsed beneath him, relaxing as much as i could, and once he sensed that he started fucking me – not gentle ‘first anal sex in a while’ fucking, but seriously hard and heavy – kind of almost like real sex – and in and in and in and out and deep and hard and fucking my ass like it was my cunt and i just hung in there for the ride but it was doing my head in and i couldn’t believe he was actually doing this, actually just fucking me like he owned me, and i realised he owned me, and really could do this to me, and it hurt and it felt good and i gave up and realised i really truly had no say at this point.

and after he had pulled out and calmed me down, he pointed out that he wanted me to go to sleep knowing without a shadow of a doubt that every single hole in my body belonged to him. that i was just a cunt.