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So I have this little fantasy idea of a room dedicated solely to storing a little slave wife until the next time she’s needed. It’s a little sex room, to train and condition her and keep her in a constant state of readiness. It’s a total fantasy, utterly impractical, and it gets me wet every time I think of it!

In the centre of the room there’s a stockade, like this:

Stockade … yum!

And attached to it isn’t just a dildo, but a double-penetrating fucking machine. The wife is locked in, with a full gimp mask with penis gag, though with her eyes open. On the wall directly in front of her is a massive television screen, so large that wherever she looks she sees it. On it, she watches extremely hardcore bdsm pornography, close-ups, degradation, the whole shebang. (I have Insex stuff in mind here… your taste may vary!) She also hears the full soundtrack of the video. The idea is that she is totally engulfed by it, and it invades her thoughts and keeps her in a permanent state of sexual suggestion.

Meanwhile her ass and cunt are getting rhythmically pounded by the fucking machine. The dildos shouldn’t be too big – shouldn’t wear her out before her husband gets to her – just big enough to be felt, and with some sort of constant flow of just enough lube to keep her well oiled. It shouldn’t hurt her, it should just repeatedly plow deep enough in that she can’t take her mind off it. Plus, it should be on a randomised schedule so that sometimes it’s insanely deep, but most of the time it’s not – sometimes it inflates larger, sometimes not. She can’t quite get used to it, so it helps keep her focused on her holes, and being fucked.

Then whenever her husband needs her, he turns off the fucking machine, moves it out of the way, and fucks her himself. He could leave one dildo in, and fuck the other hole, or he could alternate between them. She stays in the same position, and for her, it’s more fucking but finally with her husband, with a real cock, and it’s still unrelenting and this time it hurts more and is way more intense. For him, he gets to be totally unbothered with foreplay or even giving her instructions – she’s already in the right position. He could use her mouth instead of course, just remove the gag and thrust into her while the fucking machine continues.

He could of course also take her out of the training room and bring her back into normal life, but this only happens when he wants. I have a fantasy of being left in a room like that all day, with him coming in periodically and adjusting things, fucking me, adding a larger dildo, changing what’s on the screen, and just ignoring me the whole time – he’s just training me, using me, and keeping me in position.

So fucking hot!