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… with a hand on my throat choking me and another hand trying to rip my nipple off, i may struggle for a moment but then i will remember my place, i will relax into your grip and put my life in your hands. i will move lightning fast when you grunt at me “spread your legs cunt”. i will get on all fours and brace myself for your cock thrusting into me like a maniac. i will be awake enough to anticipate your expectations, when you flip me onto my back i will immediately grab my ankles and hoist them as far back as possible, spreading my cunt wide for you, and when you smile and say “good work slut” i will feel a rush of pride, and when you fuck my ass in that position instead, i will whimper a lot because it hurts, but i won’t let go of my ankles, and when you push my face to the side with the palm of your hand on my cheek i will not fight or complain but instead i will feel relieved that you are treating me like your slut, your whore, your wife, and when you pull out and within a minute you’ve plugged my ass with a nasty butt plug and you’re whispering in my ears “feel that stretch, i’m going to stretch you so wide you’ll be taking my cock every night”, i will have the presence of mind to realise that it’s so much easier when i’m simply a slut for you, and i will say “thank you” and mean it.