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We hadn’t done much anal play for a while – long enough for me to tighten up back there quite a bit I guess! We started fucking Friday night, him spooning me and holding me tight, me gasping at just how deep he was going, and as I eased into it, and felt that rhythm get into me and lead me deeper mentally, into that submission where I know that he is in total control so I get to just relax … so then he reaches over to his bedside table and picks up the butt plug, pulls out of me and pushes the plug slowly and painfully into my ass, just that sensation of the first stretching in a while, and he pinned my wrists and held me close to stop me wriggling.

I assumed that this was a sign that the sex was finished and I would have to sleep with the plug in, so once it was in, I relaxed a bit, which was probably very lucky because I felt his cock pressing into my cunt again, and I started whimpering “no no no” and he told me quite calmly “yes slut, you’re going to take my cock as well” and he started fucking me and I really struggled with it, he had his hand over my mouth and I was still moaning and he whispered in my ear “this feels really good for me, and that’s why I’m doing it. Your job is to lie there and take it.”

And so I did, I felt myself relax instinctively, and my body sagged, and he rammed into me and I was so full, his fingers in my mouth holding it open, his cock in my cunt so deep my stomach muscles hurt, the plug reminding me I’m just a slut to be positioned where he wants me, and it was AMAZING. YUM YUM YUM YUM. I was getting high as a kite, just deliriously aching and loving knowing how he was treating me like a toy to abuse and use.

Then he pulled out, and pulled out the plug, and I was gasping as I do when I suddenly feel so empty … and he bent me over a bit differently, and I could feel the head of his cock pushing against my ass which still felt impossibly tight and small and I began struggling, back to saying “no no no” and he pushed me over onto my stomach, “face down” so I pressed my face into my pillow, he held me there, “spread your legs” and I did, and then he pushed in, “give up slut, this is happening”, and again I just collapsed and he pushed right in, and I tried to keep my ass relaxed, and then he started fucking me, and I felt so small, so helpless, so much used and taken advantage of, just a collection of holes …

Just to be clear, this was beautiful. It makes me so relieved every time he takes utter control of my body and mind and treats me like a whore who is unable to refuse him. I love knowing that ultimately, I am his fucktoy, not his equal, I am his and he is quite content to fuck me in a degrading and painful way, whenever he wants.