My computer arrived 🙂

PS to the gentleman generously offer to teach me how to build my own computer – I’ve built 4 desktops already, since 1999, when I was younger and mobile internet didn’t exist. I was partial to Antec cases, I loved my DiamondMax, I tried out but didn’t love SLI, I loved shifting master/slave pins on HDDs, I have jewellery made out of the motherboard that I lost to a power surge …

I may be a woman, but don’t just assume I’m not a geek. We female computer-literate people exist, y’know?

I bought a laptop because it suits my current needs. Don’t worry. Even though I’m a woman, I am perfectly capable of selecting a computer to meet my needs.

Now, if you can find an adequate replacement for an Apple TV 2 that I hacked and installed XBMC on, that isn’t just a Raspberry Pi – because my Synology NAS is 4 years old and can’t transcode video – and don’t just say Chromecast, because I have the same problem … then, THEN, maybe, you can teach me something. MAYBE.


cunt, fuck, slut, etc. BRB soon with regular programming.