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I had wanted to tell you all about these crazy hot scenes from a week ago. They have partially faded from my memory, but here’s what I wanted to share:

It had been about 10 days since our last play so I was getting a bit tense about playing again – what if my body had seized up, what if mentally I couldn’t hack it? He started tying me up, hood, posture collar, the whole shebang, and I started freaking out. So I told him as much. And he respected that, told me it wouldn’t get too heavy that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. And then he proceeded to go down on me, which turns me into a ravenous sex beast any time, and he told me afterwards he had actually not decided whether or not to fuck me, but he saw how wet I got, so then he got me into position …

On all fours, head pressed down into the pillow, and then he went for it. And you know what, I was a bit tense, I found it difficult, and I rode through it anyway, because I was crazy wet, I knew my body was turned on (after all it had been 10 days waiting to get fucked again!) and I told my mind to just chill the fuck out, and let it go, because this is the kind of sex I do love, even if I get stressed from having a long break. So I enjoyed the sex. And then I enjoyed getting fucked. And I enjoyed being treated like a plaything. Like an object. And I enjoyed the anal hook in my ass being used as a handle to drag me around. And I enjoyed the cock being forced into the mouth-hole in the hood and choking my face. And I enjoyed him saying to me “brace yourself, I’m going to go really hard and deep for the next minute, and you’re going to take it.” And I didn’t enjoy the pain I felt. And I loved being put in that headspace. And I hated it when he finally pulled out. And I loved it when he brought out two plugs, and the chastity belt, and locked me up for the next hour, letting me drift in and out of sleep and holding me tight.

It’s a progressive thing, you know? It’s hard to jump right back into it. 10 days is a long time. But having a Master who knows what he’s doing, and who I can trust with my life, means I know the journey is always going to be worth it.