I have a work computer – a beautiful ultrabook I use everywhere in the house and office, but I understandably do NOT use for this blog.

I have my phone – with the WordPress app installed – and it takes forever to type a short blog post on it, let along the lengthy rambling tomes I prefer.

I have my old old old workhorse laptop, my personal computer, which no longer charges so has to remain plugged in all the time, and is plugged in in my study at home. I have to make a conscious effort to go in and type on it. And when I do, my husband knows pretty much exactly what I’m doing. So I feel very self conscious. And it is rare he is out and I am at home by myself.

This makes it very difficult to blog!

I have resigned from my job, so I have to hand back the ultrabook. I am going to buy my own, which means I can blog wherever, whenever I want, and hopefully you’ll see a lot more posts here! It’ll arrive in about 3 weeks’ time.

I can’t wait đŸ™‚